2011 Prediction: Increasing intuition will reveal our secrets and fears


Each month I attend a forum in which intuitive and medium Kathryn Harwig channels her guides, the Light Collective. At the December meeting I asked the Light Collective to predict the major changes we will experience in 2011. This is what they had to say:

“The major event we see happening in 2011 is a continuation of what has already started, which is that more people will evolve intuitively and become, you would say, more spiritual. We would say real. We find this to be an exciting time. We also believe it affects many of your institutions in ways you will find perhaps not so exciting. Many of your corporations and other businesses were set up to not honor this. Once all beings become aware that you can know everything about everyone, it becomes rather disconcerting for people.

There are benefits, but it will not be all wonderful. Some institutions that you have come to rely upon may not exist. This is not going to happen all in 2011, but we’re setting a stage for you. Many of the things that you rely upon will be different. For example, more people will work for themselves rather than for others. This is a thought that seems foreign to most people, but that is the way it was 100 years ago. It is a new thing to have the majority of people in the world working for other people.”

This prediction has profound implications. Once “all beings become aware that you can know everything about everyone,” we will no longer have secrets. We will be forced to confront our secrets and the fears that lie behind them. I believe this will be a major step forward for humanity, because we will finally be released from our fears. As the Light Collective says, “You have a choice. Your choice is to be free of fear, or your choice is to be haunted by fear. It is time to release yourselves from fear.”

In preparation for the coming increased intuition and resulting exposure of our secrets, I believe it would be wise to begin dealing with our secrets and their accompanying fears now by taking the following steps:

1. List all of your relationships: spouse or lover, family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, etc.
2. For each relationship ask, “Am I keeping any secrets in this relationship?”
3. For any secrets you discover, ask: What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid? Possibilities are fear of rejection, fear of losing power over someone or something, fear of being fired, fear of not making as much money, etc. What might happen if I reveal this secret now? What might others do? How will I feel? How might my current life be affected?

    Once you have become aware of your secrets, what you are afraid of, why you are afraid, and have thought about the possible ramifications of revealing your secrets, decide if it would be wise to reveal them now or wait.

    Due to the current abundance of fear in our society, it may not be wise to reveal certain secrets at this time. For example, prejudice against gays and the fear behind it is very high right now. Revealing this secret may mean being fired, tormented by colleagues, classmates, or worse.

    Whether you reveal your secrets now, or wait until others discover them with their increased intuition, you are better prepared for the coming change. You are aware of the secrets you are keeping in your relationships, you have confronted the fears behind them, and you have thought about how your life might be different if you reveal them at this time.

    I believe others’ reactions to discovering your secrets will be quite different once they become more intuitive. Everyone will know everything about everyone. Everyone’s secrets, prejudices, feelings of hate, and the fears behind them, will be revealed. To function successfully in this new environment, we will all need to acknowledge these fears and release them. Since all emotions are based on two emotions, love and fear, by releasing our fears, all that is left is love.

    “Joy and love are the solution to your planet’s woes,” says The Light Collective.

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