A Primer on Accessing Your Intuition…for beginners


Until recently, intuitive ability in our society has been ignored, discounted, trivialized and, in some cases, criminalized. Many people claim that intuition doesn’t even exist, that the “accidental” happenings of gut instinct or psychic knowing are merely coincidences or things made up to make oneself feel better. For years, those who believed in intuition were forced to meet in back rooms and secret societies and to feel ashamed to admit these activities to friends and neighbors.

No wonder most people don’t use intuition as a helpful tool in everyday life. Not only have people not been taught how to use intuition; they have been told it doesn’t exist!

Intuitive ability is very much like musical ability — everyone has some musical talent, but very few people can sit down and play the piano without training. Similarly, everyone has the capability to be intuitive, but very few are natural born psychics. As with musical ability, the key to training intuition is to believe in it, discover our strengths, learn the rules, and then practice, practice, practice.

There are actually some very simple rules for learning and enhancing your intuitive skills. Learning these rules and then practicing some exercises will aid everyone in making intuition an accessible and usable skill:

  • Being open to intuition is, of course, the first step. It is impossible to use something if you refuse to acknowledge that it exists. If you find yourself constantly doubting your abilities or thinking that you are “making this up,” you will only slow down your progress.
  • The information you receive will only be as good as the questions that you ask. Most people don’t get good intuitive help because they think psychic messages occur spontaneously. Sometimes that is true, but asking a good question is the key to getting usable intuition advice.
  • Once you have determined what you wish to know, you need to enter into a focus state. In a focus state, we reduce the number of high-amplitude Beta brainwaves that form the constant mental chatter we carry on in our minds. My favorite way of creating an almost instantaneous focus state is to relax my tongue. Loosening your tongue keeps you from talking to yourself and allows space for your intuition to speak.
  • While in this focus state you will receive an intuitive message. Don’t stay in the state long; a minute or two is all that is necessary. Take whatever you get, whether it is a thought, physical feeling, emotion, color, smell or sound. Just remember it, then come out of your focus state.
  • Once you are out of the focus state ask, “What does what I just received mean to me?” Write at least five words to describe what you saw, heard, smelled or felt. For example, perhaps while in your focus state you saw a rabbit. Once you come out, write what a rabbit means to you (i.e. fuzzy, trouble, fast, breeds a lot, etc.) The words that you write down are the answer to the question you asked. Use your conscious mind to interpret how the message you received answered the question you asked. If you don’t get an answer that makes sense, you can always repeat the exercise and ask for more clarification.
  • Practice is the key to making intuition a usable tool. Find a time each day to spend 10 or 15 minutes asking a question, going into a focus state, getting a message (mind picture, word, emotion, etc.) and then coming out and interpreting it. Sometimes the message might not make any sense to you. Don’t worry about this. Just keep practicing and practicing. No one gets really good at anything without discipline and clarity.
  • The last step to being a master intuitive is to trust what you have received and to act upon it. Without trust and action, all the rest is of no value.

In my opinion, the changes coming in 2012 are going to be about developing our intuitive birthright. Practice these steps and join me in walking bravely into our future as intuitive masters.

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