Body Mind Life Expo Preview: Paths to Success


Are experiences from your past sabotaging your success? Local experts will teach you how to achieve your goals at this year’s Body Mind Life Expo

Do you have issues from your past that just won’t go away? Do they stop you from achieving your goals? Whether it’s a career that never quite gets off the ground, a relationship that never appears or an exercise program to which you can never quite commit, the problem may be related to negative beliefs you learned as a child.

Cathryn Taylor

The good news, according to best-selling author Cathryn Taylor, is that there are now fast, effective ways to get rid of these negative beliefs. Taylor will teach a user-friendly, self-administered method for meeting your inner child and healing the issues of the past during a free seminar at the 11th annual Body Mind Life Expo ( on March 5-6 (10am-7pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Taylor explains that this method will help you successfully design the future of your choice and attain the present results you desire.

A licensed counselor and Certified EFT Practitioner, Taylor reminds us that we all have an inner child — that aspect of ourselves who carries our child-like sense of wonderment as well as our childhood fears. He or she is the source of your joy and excitement. But it is also the part within you who may have learned early in life it was not safe to feel or trust.

“In an attempt to protect the psyche from being hurt, we developed ways to block anything new from occurring,” she says. “A part of us got stuck in those old patterns and reacts in a knee-jerk manner anytime it feels threatened or at risk. The intent may be to protect, but the impact is sabotage. An inner child can be responsible for sabotaging relationships because of fear of abandonment, prosperity because of shame and guilt, or career success for fear of not being good enough. Befriending this part of self and ‘neutralizing’ his or her fears with EFT invites this part within to once again feel safe enough to allow success.”

Taylor combines the focus of the inner child with the methods of the new, innovative Energy Psychology called EFT to provide perhaps one of the most empowering avenues for working with those parts within us who sabotage our best efforts to succeed. “The energy tapping (a simple, self-administered form of acupressure) offers a fresh, effective and easy way to befriend this frightened part of you who determines whether you succeed or fail.”

During the Body Mind Life Expo, the Midwest’s largest health and natural products event for healthy choosers, Taylor will present her signature, step-by-step formula that blends verbal exercise with guided imagery and EFT sequences to re-parent and heal the child within you. Among her tips:

  • Learn to practice compassion for yourself.  “The antidote to heal an old wound is self-love. When you feel afraid, close your eyes and state self-soothing statements such as, “You are okay. You are safe.” Using the pronoun ‘you’ establishes the healing relationship between your nurturing adult self and your frightened inner child.”
  • Pause before you rebel. “If you find yourself wanting to rebel by going out and having fun in a way that will have negative consequences, pause for a moment. Take a deep breath and examine what parts of your life are out of balance. Tune within and engage your inner child in conversation. This simple dialogue will give your adult self the information needed to come back into alignment.”

Taylor’s seminar, “Don’t give up on yourself! Accept who you are! Get what you want!” is sponsored by Edge magazine.

O'Neal Hampton

In addition to Taylor, attendees at this year’s Body Mind Life Expo will meet the inspiring “The Biggest Loser” season nine contestant O’Neal Hampton! Millions of the show’s fans cheered as Hampton, a Richfield resident, dropped a stunning 159 pounds.

Today, Hampton is paying it forward by helping others to realize their dreams of living healthier, more fulfilling lives.  He wants to motivate you to change your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear some of his strategies to help people overcome their self-sabotaging habits, as well as to address two of the biggest fears people commonly have about weight loss programs.

For more information and half price tickets ($3), visit  This year’s Body Mind Life Expo is made possible in part by KSTC Channel 45, Family Times and Edge magazine.

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