Purification, More Than Physical


I always like to talk people about purification of all our energy bodies. Most of us “get” the importance of taking care of ourselves physically. It’s also important to be aware of our mental bodies (our thoughts), our emotional bodies, and how we are feeling. And we can do all of this — when we recharge though our spiritual self.

We exercise the way we have been told and eat the way we feel is healthy. Eating organic and taking responsibility for our environment is very prominent if we are aware. Going green is a very hip today, and you can pretty much walk into any grocery store with a organic/natural section. Advertising and products are focusing on pure/natural/simple. That’s good. When someone asks me if I eat and use all organic products — my answer is, as much as possible. I am practical, in that it is not always available. Do the best you can, with what is available for you at this time. The intention is key to creating more opportunities to make your world toxic free, with beauty and health.

A healer once told me, do your best and forgive the rest. Let’s use this as a  canvas to explain our intellect. I just read recently that we all have an inner wisdom, and we all have intellect, that which is learned. What is learned is helpful in ways of balancing our checkbooks, cooking, planning and completing the mundane tasks of life. It has its place. Knowledge and inner wisdom drive together. Remember to let knowledge take the back seat (although it’s always shouting “shotgun”). Inner wisdom should sit in the driver’s seat on autopilot with no distractions. Knowledge can be the GPS — when we need it. Inner wisdom just knows where. If you find yourself thought looping, beating yourself up, rehashing the past of coulda, woulda…time to shut down the GPS. These are thought patterns of learned behavior.

Gregg Braden explains it clearly when he talks about a feeling being a union of mind and feeling. Here is a good time to remember that even our thoughts transmit a vibration of energy. For me, emotion seems to be one of the most challenging aspects of life. There are many triggers. It can sneak up on you, it can be subtle, or it can fall on you like a ton of bricks. Sometimes it can be familiar, and other times it’s deceptive. Energy + Motion = EMotion. Move it through. There are many techniques to do this — Energy Healing, EFT, Mantras, meditation, Yoga…the list goes on and on. The more in tune we are with our inner self (more pure) the less of a grip our emotions have on our self-concept.

This leads to our Spiritual Self, connecting with our Soul and tuning into Source. Take a few moments and hold a space for light. Feel solid in your heart, with the light of your Soul and then connect upward to Source, creating a solid pillar of light that extends below your feet. This is centering, and it is the best way to tune in that I know. This is something everyone can do, anywhere, anytime. Don’t fool yourself — you know how to do this. As you continue to do this consistently, the connection comes easier and easier.

We live in a dualist world. Collective consciousness (group thought) is very powerful. Keeping pure on all levels will allow us to maintain our own energy, with our Soul in the driver’s seat in a direction that bring us to beauty, joy and love.

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Joni Schmidt
Joni Schmidt is an Energetic Consultant. She can be reached for sessions, classes and interviews at her website JoniSchmidt.com. Content for this article is available under Creative Commons Attribution and www.ascenstionglossary.com


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