The Illusions of Self


Who do you think that you are? A collection of memories, the titles you’ve received? Your pain or trauma that you think defines you? Your race or sex, the compliments or insults that you get? Does your name represent the self that you’ve gained? Do you associate yourself with these times or your assigned purpose, reason or rhythm? Who are you, your spirit or soul and the baggage that they hold? Or the stories that you’ve been told? Are you your beliefs that give you relief?

You decide who you are at any given time, whether you are aware of it of not — and yet, that still isn’t you; that is a mask that you wear. The canvas is blank in there, and you “paint on” what you see, feel and hear — yet, you are that emptiness before it happens. You are holding the space while the life is being painted, and you are that “Undiscovered Country” after the paint has spoiled and faded.

When you play a game, you are not the board, pieces or object — yet, you are completely involved, much like watching a movie; life is as such. Some people say that you are the spirit or soul, but they too are pieces on the game board of life. So who are you?

You are not…until you choose to be — and even then you are simply expressing…something out of Nothing.

That’s what most people don’t get. I know, it IS hard to realize. The material is drawn out of an abstract space as all things are. We create what seems to be necessary and it is received by that which needs it. It is like the marriage between stimulus and receptors, but outside of the framework of time, which came first, if any?

Here is a simple path to personal freedom:

  1. Realize that you are not all the stuff that you carry around.
  2. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t like: people, places, things, situations and circumstances.
  3. Stop reacting to your beliefs and those of others about race, gender, culture, etc.
  4. Allow yourself to be free of all preconceived notions of self and who you think that you are supposed to be and make choices based on what you feel and know is right for you.

Most of the world (construct) was designed by foolish men with archaic ideas, beliefs and doctrines. They had ways of classifying things that simply make no sense. We are told what to think, what to feel, what to believe. I say empty the whole archive…then decide.

We are made to suffer the inane classifications that breed the illusion of substance, and we are thereby trapped within these false perceptions. There is the way things actually are, and how we are trained to see them. The key is our ability to shift reality accordingly.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this the experience that I want to be having?
  • Did I create this or was it created for me?
  • Does this have anything to do with who I really am?
  • What is it that I am really feeling, wanting and needing?
  • Am I prepared to listen to myself?

The view finder is within. All else is a painted-on façade like a set of a film. When you are clear about your own inclinations, then you can design the true life that you want. There is a good chance, if you are being true to yourself, that it doesn’t quite fit the set parameters.

I want to tell you this: Create it anyway. As you redesign yourself, the world changes…we need that; it’s a good thing.

I speak to you from experience. If I accepted what was handed to me, I’d be an amputee in a wheelchair suffering the memory and anger of loss. Not so much the leg, but what I could have been and have become! I would have felt that. I know he would, because I feel him.

Really question your idea of self. The very idea of self is an illusion, especially if you can identify it as something, like my spirit, my soul, or even my self (myself). I feel that you are inexplicable and within which we call the unknown yet, you can articulate experience and extrapolate from that space without fitting into the boxes that we have pre-designed for us.

Expand beyond what you’ve been told and unfold into, through and beyond your own inclinations. Be bold! Defy the norm and allow the true you to be born. This was the promised land and it sucked, this construct! Let’s make another one up. What/who do you want to be, what do you want to see in this story untold?

And me, I’ll go run this underground railroad!

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Hanakia Zedek
Hanakia Zedek is a Spiritual Leader in Twin Cities specializing in The Philosophy of Nothing. Known for his cutting edge application of the Psycho~Spiritual Arts; he shows how all that is and is not emerges from within. Contact him at 612.205.7337, email [email protected] or visit:, or


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