You Can Harness Nature’s Abundant Pranic Energy


The key to our health, spiritual growth and prosperity

There is one pervasive energy throughout our universe that powers the subtle and known laws governing nature and our lives: pranic energy.

What is pranic energy? It is commonly known as prana in Sanskrit, chi in Chinese, ki in Japanese and ruach in Hebrew. This energy is the fuel required for all activity: physical, emotional, spiritual, even financial!

But it goes much deeper! Pranic energy has different frequencies and can be harnessed for healing, psychic protection, spiritual growth, improving relationships and even attracting prosperity!

Pranic energy comes from many sources: the sun, air, ground, food we eat, vitamins and spiritual sources. Pranic energies are absorbed through the chakras, or energy wheels, that pump fresh pranic energy into our bodies and pump impurities and used energies out. In Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing, the 11 major chakras are thoroughly cleansed of diseased energies and replenished with fresh pranic energies, which are distributed throughout the body, giving it the ability to recharge and heal itself.

Our thoughts and emotions are also made of these energies, just in different frequencies. Anger and resentment are very low vibrating energies that a clairvoyant sees as “dirty” or “greyish red” energies. Love and spiritual devotion energies are uplifting and seen as pink, violet and gold energies. Because of this knowledge, we can use Pranic Healing cleansing techniques to extract the negative, dirty energies and replenish with loving and spiritual energies. This alone can help pull a person out of a rut and make them more positive and happy.

These powerful techniques in Pranic Healing are used to alleviate phobias, anxiety and addictions. You can also project pink and gold energies to loved ones and friends to help create more harmonious relationships.

You can use the color pranic energies from certain crystals for healing and psychic protection. For healing, one should use a clear quartz crystal to project a multitude of color energy frequencies to help different physical ailments. For emotional problems, an amethyst crystal is recommended, because it emits the same color pranic energies that are generated when one is in deep meditation.

Violet pranic energies disintegrate negative thoughts and emotions in the energy field upon contact. That is why you feel very peaceful and calm after meditation. Violet pranic energies can also be used for psychic protection. Catholic priests wear a purple/violet stole or shawl when they hear confession. The violet pranic energies emanated by the shawl create a purple psychic shield that protects the priest from all the emotional pains and psychic releases from the person in the confessional box. The use of gemstones and crystals are taught and practiced thoroughly in Pranic Crystal Healing and Pranic Psychic Self-Defense.

The heart and crown chakras can be activated to allow Divine energies to pour into one’s aura. These Divine energies are seen by clairvoyants as a brilliant electric violet pillar of light. As you bring down these energies, it flushes the aura and chakras of negative thoughts and emotions, psychic attacks and diseased energies. A clean aura and chakras manifest as inner peace, stillness and Divine bliss!

You can also harness pranic energies for attracting prosperity! This is the mechanism behind Feng Shui. By learning how to choose the environment with the correct pranic energies, anyone in that environment is subconsciously propelled to success!

In Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing® system, students learn step-by-step techniques on how to harness the pranic energies in yourself and the environment to accelerate your own healing, heal others, generate prosperity and experience inner peace and stillness by connecting to the Divine!

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