Nowhere to be found

I have torn this thing apart…time and time again
And found Nothing
Hollowed echoes remain
Of footsteps past…Nothing lasts in this shattered domain
What was it that I would hope to find anyway?
Where would I be?
In this soliloquy
There are no arrows that point to self
Save vain interpretations and vile representation
Of a mangled belief-based false reflection
I then, am left, when all else falls away
And is swept away
There is glory in winter’s death
For I am left
There is beauty in this and none to be amiss
The bitter cold nights and the blinding reflective white
Of her debilitating kiss
Then Stillness
Then Silence
Then Peace
Then Release
Into It….
This is who I am
I am not fair in precious descriptive displaced imaginations of heavens
Or other worldly dimensions somewhere
I am here and this is Nowhere to be found
For I cannot be found in any one thing real
Yet it is here where I find my appeal
And my inclinations thus
To me…precious
For a time we last
Then pass into oblivion
The same in this kiss
Oh Earth, may I be with thee till the very end
You have been splendid in every way
I then will fade away into Earth and Water and Nurture Wood and sink to Fire Metal
And her breath will blow my dust away
And it is there that I will stay…unbound
And Nowhere to be found….



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