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The fourth book in the series of books that began with The Celestine Prophecy has been released. The Twelfth Insight speaks about the role of synchronicity on the individual level. Author James Redfield, in a recent Q & A on the new book, explains that the book “points to a new clarity that humanity is reaching about living a deeper, more spiritual life.” He says, “We’re taking all the abstract knowledge we’ve acquired during these last decades and integrating it into a life we can live at the individual level. This is happening across all religions and cultures and it’s happening right now.”

James Redfield

What inspired you to write this book?
It’s taken a long time, but I became convinced that all the conflict and corruption in the world was creating a counter-trend of authentic searching and an urge to make the world better. Out of this urge has come the secret of an “authentic spirituality” that is immediately life changing.

There are many prophecies about the year 2012. How does this book clarify this discussion?
There is a confluence of prophecy about this time period and the Mayan Calendar is one of them. The best scholarship shows us that this calendar is indeed prophetic, but it’s not forecasting the end of the world. It’s a prediction of a ninth wave of creation, a unity consciousness and we can already detect this wave in our lives because “unity” is exactly what it feels like.

Your novel shows characters sustaining a spiritual experience called Synchronicity. What are they doing?
We’re moving from the sporadic experience of Synchronicity to having a flow of these mysterious coincidences that help us solve problems and lead to the discovery of our soul’s mission.

Synchronicity is leading your characters through a process called integration. What is it?
We are discovering a level of spirituality that feels as though we get clearer and clearer about life as we are integrating a larger consciousness. The new book is a journey, an adventure, exploring this process.

One integration is holding one’s spiritual truth. How does one do that?
We start the process by centering ourselves in our best truth and then telling others what we are doing with a kind of radical honesty, with no hidden agenda. This centers us in our own movie and feels like a journey where our truth just gets even better, more complete about who we are and what we want to do in the world. Remember the old saying: “when one is honorable over little, one is given much.” It also creates a flow of Karma where we are helped through life.

Your characters are pursuing an understanding of a mysterious influence that humans have over one another. How does that work?
The more we live in the best truth we know, the clearer and more empowered we become, and thus the more we become a positive model for others. Consciousness is positively contagious at the spiritual level and touches people all around us.

The book explains a mysterious law of Karma we have to be aligned with for a fuller life. Explain.
The more we live and share our best truth, intending to be helpful, the more we draw into our lives people who act the same way toward us. People show up, synchronistically, at just the right time to bring us information and solutions that make our lives better.

One of the main themes is that humans must learn to “tune in” to intuition and perception, even to other people. Describe this ability.
When we live our best truth, and download more of our spiritual consciousness, we can detect our guiding intuitions of how to move forward in life, and how to be helpful to others. Following these intuitions puts us in the right place for an important synchronicity to take place. Our lives blossom.

What is the Oneness intention?
This is when we intend to be one with another person’s highest self, not with their ego where the defenses and conflicts occur, but with their highest soul wisdom. That’s when total strangers open up to us like best friends and conversations go even deeper, moving from small talk to large talk.

In the book, Wil keeps saying that one can prove all these spiritual techniques to oneself. Explain.
No more need for Gurus. We’re all integrating a deeper spirituality at the grass roots level because it works day to day, hence we are finding evidence for a higher life for ourselves that occurs at the common sense level.

In the end, the characters in this novel must reach and turn people around that are determined to destroy the world. Talk about how they try to do that.
As we integrate a life of truth and service, and expand our consciousness, we grow more influential because higher consciousness is contagious to others. Everyone’s mind is designed to pop open in the exact same way, so when we see it and feel it in others, our minds lift up into it automatically. Hence, people who live at this level touch others who touch others and so on until we reach the best friend of some kid that’s so alienated he’s thinking about strapping on a suicide vest. Because of us, the friend feels the inspiration and courage to reach out and lift this person into something better. It’s the only way to save the world.

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