Remember Japan


Seeing the disaster in Japan unfold this past week has led me to ponder my personal connections with that country. Usui, Hayashi, Kushi, Tokyo, Kyoto — all of these have deep meaning, from the studies I have engaged in while pursuing my calling, and in assisting others to the highest in well-being energetically, via macrobiotics and Reiki healing.

I offer my prayers to Japan, its people and its land. I have added Japan to the list of those I send Reiki to energetically each day. I invite other Reiki healers to visit Reiki Rescue Squad on Facebook to lend support in the sharing of healing energies and compassion to Japan, and other areas of concern.

Healing power exponentiates when more than one sends such healing at the same time. Feel free to add other concerns to the Reiki Rescue Squad list.

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