Why Your Holistic Business Isn’t Profitable


…and What to do About it

The 4 Imperatives of Holistic Profits

Holistic profits come from engaging your passion, attracting your dream clients and making a big difference in the world. You deserve to make great money doing what you love.

You may even wonder if this is really possible, because…many holistic business owners feel broke, drained and unfulfilled. They’re trying to make money doing what they love, but their work is undervalued and misunderstood. They don’t know how to improve their business and their marketing efforts fall flat. Become so frustrated and overwhelmed, they secretly tell themselves stories why now isn’t the right time.

You have to break this pattern.

There are 4 Imperatives to overcoming this and creating holistic profits. If your business is struggling and you think you’re doing these 4 things — think again. They must be done correctly and in the right sequence to turn your gifts and talents into great money doing what you love.

• Imperative #1 — Get crystal clear on the core problem you solve. There are two huge obstacles to overcome here. First, within your industry, you describe the core problem with terminology, jargon and generalizations that are strange and confusing to the “normal people” who have the problem. Second, the people with the problem probably just describe the symptoms instead of the root from which those symptoms arise.

The most effective description of the problem is what your clients are experiencing, but not talking about. You have to be willing to throw out your descriptions and dig below the surface-level symptoms to the “unspoken inner conflict” that they’re hiding from you and struggling with at the same time. That’s the sweet spot where you get their attention and where transformation occurs.

• Imperative #2 — Know your ideal client. Once you’re clear on the core problem, this becomes fairly easy. Your ideal client has four characteristics:

  1. 1They’re pre-interested in your profession’s approach to solving their problem.
  2. They’re pre-qualified to pay for the solution.
  3. They’re pre-motivated to take action to achieve their desired outcome.
  4. They’re pre-disposed to work with you instead of someone else who does what you do.

Describe them in detail using those four characteristics as a guide. The biggest advantage of knowing your ideal client is that your marketing message will communicate with them so clearly that they immediately recognize themselves and feel deeply understood.

• Imperative #3 — Create a clear business model. A business model is the step-by-step process a person goes through from first finding out about you to becoming a repeat client who achieves their desired outcome and refers others. You need to have this process fully mapped out so you can easily guide people through it. If you don’t, you’ll unnecessarily lose many great potential clients before they ever experience the benefit of your gifts.

You can also think of this as the roadmap to the money. The more efficiently you take people through your process, the more holistic profits you make.

• Imperative #4 – Select and work on your top two objectives for the quarter. Finally, you must select the top two sub-goals that will make your business model produce more holistic profits. These two objectives determine the value of your ideas and what actions you take. Anything that doesn’t quickly lead to improvement in these two areas must be eliminated.

For example, you may need to make more ideal clients aware of your services. So you would organize your ideas and actions around connecting with these clients. You would go to the places where they hang out, demonstrate you understand them, and introduce your solution to their problem.
These top two objectives also determine what is unnecessary. Activities like attending additional training or getting a new certification won’t make more ideal clients aware of your services. You must stop doing the things that distract you from your top priorities.

Implement these 4 Imperatives in your business and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you generate greater profits, connect with your ideal clients, and really put your talents to work.

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