My heart leads, my mind follows


For such a long time, the only voice I seemed to hear was that of fear; not a whispering but a bellowing that overpowered my soul’s voice. Then I finally woke up from the night terror of fear and heard the gentle whispering of my soul. And the message it sends is that love is the most important thing.

In listening to the guidance of my soul, a whisper that shouts at times, I have pushed fear aside and become truly alive. I took an early retirement from a well-paying career and decided to go back to school, but soon found I didn’t want another career, I just wanted to experience the joy of learning. I am no longer afraid of the world; I have traveled on my own to Chicago and this spring I venture on my own to Portland, OR.

The true nature of generosity has filled my soul and I volunteer in order to give back the gift of time that I have been given. And as much as I have loved living my life thus far in Minnesota, I plan on finally settling in Portland when I hear my Inner Self guide me at the right time. I have learned that the voice inside of me is much stronger and wiser than any voice I hear outside of me.

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