The Book of Light : Interview with Alexandra Solnado Part 1

Alexandra Solnado’s path as a spiritual healer began in a moment, when her daughter stopped breathing. Alexandra thought she had died. In that fleeting second, Alexandra met with something she had never encountered before to this magnitude — powerlessness. A woman who had previously maintained maximum control over her life, Alexandra looked up to heaven and said: “I give in.” Meaning, “I cannot save my daughter. I deliver this to heaven.” With those words, Alexandra knew that her life had radically changed.

She discovered that her daughter had a “spiritual” illness, not a medical one (based on a past life trauma). She saved her daughter by applying spiritual therapies that she learned from Jesus.

Shortly after the incident, Alexandra began living the spiritual path. Then, on March 28, 2002, Jesus appeared to her for the first time. Jesus immediately began to dictate to Alexandra messages for 11 books, for spiritual therapies and 1,000 meditations. He became and continues to be a constant presence in her life and consultations.

Alexandra’s latest book, a bestseller in her native Portugal and now receiving praise in America, is The Book of Light. Like the ancient I Ching, readers come to The Book of Light with a question. They select two letters from the ancient Aramaic language used by Jesus, and the combination of the letters points the reader to a select message from Jesus, transcribed by Alexandra.

The following is an email interview conducted with the author from her home in Portugal.

Alexandra, thank you for making yourself available to our readers Let’s begin with a little information about yourself. Were you raised Catholic like many in Portugal, and what was instrumental in your spiritual growth as a young woman?
Alexandra Solnado:
My parents were not religious. They thought we had to grow up without following any religion so that we could choose when we grew up. My mother is quite mystical and my father was really skeptical, so I could see things from both sides. I have always been really interested in spirituality, but I did not know where to turn to. I had no direction. I just liked it, and I was curious about it, but that was it.

There was nothing particularly instrumental in my spiritual growth as a young woman. I was a workaholic. I just thought about work. I had no spiritual life. It took my daughter becoming really ill — being declared dead in front of me — for me to start realizing that there was something that could take my daughter away in an instant. When she was already sick, seriously ill, I heard a voice say “this has to do with you, this has to do with you….” It was then that I realized that I was also part of that drama, in other words, that I also had to do something. The idea was, “If my choices brought me here, to this hospital bed, then they were not very good choices. Maybe I have to relearn how to choose.”

So I went to relearn how to choose. A woman astrologer read my karmic astral chart and I fell in love with karmic astrology. It was from here onwards, through astrology, that I began to understand. Then I started to meditate, I started to find the Higher Self and many other beings of light.

Prior to March 2002, please describe the personal relationship you had with Jesus.
I had always thought of Jesus as a great revolutionary, a master of freedom. Every time I saw people fighting for freedom, I remembered Him. I believed Jesus had been the first person to fight for freedom and to be a real revolutionary. But that was it. I had almost a political admiration for Him, for the way He fought, without violence. That was all. Mysticism? Zero, absolutely zero.

What happened in March 2002 that opened the channel in you to messages from Jesus?
I was showing a friend something that I had discovered, a meditation where we would find our Higher Self, our divine half, that had remained up there, in heaven. Up until now, this has been one of the pillars of my work — to introduce people to their divine half, to whom they may ask questions, may ask for advice, may improve their lives by way of these precise guidelines for their evolution.

In the middle of the meditation, my friend asked me, “Are you up here?”

I replied “No, I am down here.”

He said, “Oh, so you are, His hand is so long. It is touching your head. He is thanking you.”

I thought it was my friend’s Higher Self that was thanking me, so I asked, “Thanking me for what?”

He replied, “For bringing people to this side, to the side of the light.”

And when my friend finished the meditation, he said it was Jesus. We set another day for me to take him up there again. I thought that was all really strange, but I had long ago opened myself up to things that appeared strange. So on the eve of the set day, I was doing my meditation at night when a giant being appeared to me. It was Jesus, an extraordinarily clear image of Jesus. He took my hand, put me in His heart, a giant heart, and said, “From now on, whenever you want to talk to me, just look up.”

And from then on, every time I looked up, I saw Jesus’ face, a huge, giant face. He emanated absolute peace. A sense of tranquility I did not know. It was like this that it all started and it continues even today.

How has Jesus appeared to you? Do you hear His voice?
I have seen Jesus in all forms, as a person, with regular clothing, as a being of light. I have seen Him gigantic, I have seen Him small, I have seen Him in every kind of way. But the most important thing He has taught me is how to perceive His energy.

In almost 10 years that I have been seeing Him, I have clearly learned what is His energy and what is not. I know exactly when it is Him up there and when it is not. The presence of Jesus is unmistakable. A very powerful energy of love, tenderness, calmness, lightness, transcendence…and I could stay here all day….

Of course, there is a voice, for in order to write my books I hear a voice that dictates these messages to me, and He dictates with an absolute precision. Sometimes he dictates a word which I do not understand very well and do not know the meaning of. He remains there repeating the word until I discover which one it is. After He has dictated words that I didn’t even know the meaning of, I would then go to the dictionary and found that it made complete sense in the context of that sentence. He is really very precise.

How did you feel when you began receiving the messages? What effect did they have on you personally?
I felt really confused, because it was something that was not part of my life. I was never Catholic, so it did not make sense…but I soon realized that that Jesus was not the Jesus of the Catholic Church. I soon realized — and He mentions this very early on in the first book — that it is Jesus who is responsible for humanity in the coming Age of Aquarius and that one of His tasks is to make humanity progress. Because He is the highest archangel in heaven, He is the highest energy there is in heaven before God, who is All. Up until this day, one of the words Jesus most often uses is: “Trust.”

Sometimes He asks for something that is difficult and then He says: “Trust. Trust.” And He has never let me down. Never once has He asked for something which I have then done — and sometimes He asks without explaining anything, He just asks — that has not been highly significant.

The messages have changed my life completely. They have completely changed the way I see the world, see myself and see other people. They have changed everything. I believe that no stone has gone unturned, nothing has remained the same. Nowadays, I have a clear notion that I see the world and life much more through the logic of heaven than through the logic of the earth. Each time I see things less through the logic of down here. Up in heaven, there is a logic and when we start following that logic we understand that everything — absolutely everything — is perfectly orchestrated, everything in matter is part of an energetic choreography. The thing is, those who are down here cannot see it.

Please give our readers a brief idea of how the book is to be used to help them in their lives.
Someone has a doubt, any type of doubt — what shall I do with my career, how do I resolve a problem to do with love, how do I deal with this issue, how do I handle that issue, I have a problem concerning my child, what shall I do, whatever the problem is… — pick up the book, think of the light, think of Jesus, elevate yourself in any way possible and focus on the problem.

The deeper you concentrate the more at one you will be with the Universe, and as a result, the greater your communication with these messages.

Then, pick out two of the symbols that are included in the book. Then go to the chart that comes with the book and look for the picture of the first symbol on the vertical column and of the second symbol on the horizontal column. You will find a number where these two symbols intersect, which is the number of your answer. Try to read the answer with your soul, not with your mind or with your ego. There are also those people who prefer not to use the symbols, but simply open up a page by chance, that is up to you.

One of the biggest feedbacks we have had is concerning the accuracy of these answers.

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