The Soundsation Conference


Exploring how sound can improve Health and Wellness with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Cyndi Dale and Kay Grace

The first-ever “Soundsation Conference” featuring nationally recognized authors and speakers who will focus on how sound can improve physical, emotional and psychological health will be on May 20- 21 in the Fine Arts Auditorium at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.

This two-day sound extravaganza – sponsored by Normandale’s Integrative Health Education Center — features internationally-known sound and healing experts Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Cyndi Dale and Kay Grace. They will provide insight and powerful tips and techniques on how sound can influence individuals on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to help people lead happier, healthier lives.

Registration is $195, and the fee includes lunch on Saturday. Visit or call 952.358.8343.

“Our speakers tell us that anyone can learn these techniques — it is not necessary to have a background in music or singing to effectively use sound to enhance energy and mental clarity, reduce stress, heighten consciousness and create a greater sense of well-being in our body, mind and spirit,” said Sunny Ainley, director of the Integrative Health Education Center at Normandale Community College, one of the largest centers of its kind in the U.S.

The Goldmans will share their research, wisdom and insight on enhancing one’s life through sound at the “Principles of Sound Multi-Media Presentation” from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 20. An internationally renowned writer, musician and teacher, Jonathan Goldman is a sound healing expert and a pioneer in the field of Harmonics. Recently he was named one of the “100 Top Spiritually Influential Living People” by the prestigious British magazine Watkins Review. His wife, Andi Goldman, M.A., L.P.C., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy.

The “Sound Healers Seminar” will be from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 21. Led by the Goldmans and Cyndi Dale, this session will be packed with rich, experiential sound. Attendees will learn about sound tools that can help to heal and empower them, so they can make positive changes in their lives. As an international speaker, educator and business consultant, she is the author of more than a dozen bestselling books. Dale — a natural intuitive since she was young — will explore the Quantum Diamond, a model for healing, transformation and manifesting.

Kay Grace, CAEH, will be presenting Taste of Sound, an experience of various forms of healing with sound (at seven different stations): drums and didgeridoo, to Tibetan singing bowls, tuning fork treatments, sound & color washes, voice & harmonic (overtone) singing, gems & crystals and crystal singing bowls. Each of the stations, loosely related to the seven chakras or energy centers, will be manned by various teachers and healers experienced in Sound Healing and related complementary and holistic integrative wellness modalities.

“Participants will learn about the power of sound to create change in order to lead happier, healthier lives,” said Jonathan Goldman. “Sound affects us on a cellular level and has the ability to rearrange molecular structure and return what is out of balance into a state of health. Sound goes into our brain and affects our heart rate, respiration and nervous system.”

Scientific data on the physiological benefits of sound shows that it can: increase oxygen in the cells; lower blood pressure and heart rate; increase lymphatic circulation; increase levels of melatonin; reduce levels of stress-related hormones; release endorphins — self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”; and much more.

Interview with Jonathan & Andi Goldman

Jonathan, you’ve been a well-known pioneer in the field of sound healing for over 30 years, and you and your wife Andi have been working together in this field for over fifteen years. This is your first trip to Minneapolis. What can we expect?
We’ve very excited to be coming to the Twin Cities. I’ve been here personally to teach over 15 years ago. Back then, the awareness of sound and music for healing was restricted to a very small segment of the population, but over the years I’ve seen it grow and grow. Last summer, I was interviewed by Woman’s World. Later, I was in my local grocery store check out line and saw the magazine and opened it up to their article on sound healing. I was so very pleased to see mainstream awareness of this powerful subject opening up.

People are beginning to understand about the power of sound — how sound can literally create healing and transformational shifts and changes for us on so many different levels — from creating resonance and affecting us on a molecular level to being able to work with us energetically, creating balance and wellness. Sound also goes into our ears and our brain, affecting our heart rate, respiration and entire nervous system.

Andi: It’s amazing all the shifts and changes that can occur through using sound as a healing modality. I’m trained as a holistic psychotherapist. Before I began working with Jonathan, I was using sound with my clients as an experiential modality to help enhance the therapy. When we come to Minneapolis, we’ll be focusing on what we consider to be the most powerful aspect of sound that we’ve encountered — the human voice. We’ll also be focusing on utilizing tuning forks, which were developed specifically to create balance and alignment. We have specially designed aluminum tuning forks that generate precise frequencies that are extremely calming and healing — they’re really excellent at reducing stress. And with regard to the human voice — it just may just be the most powerful healing instrument on the planet.

How is that possible? How can sound and particularly our own voice be used to heal?
The actual principles of sound healing are easy to understand. Scientists are now in agreement with what the ancient mystics had been telling us for eons — that everything is in a state of resonance — a state of vibration. From the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom to planets moving around stars in distant galaxies — everything is in a state of vibration and, therefore, putting out a sound. This includes, of course, our bodies. Every organ, bone, tissue and part of the body is in a state of vibration.

When we are in a state of health — sound health, if you like — our bodies are like this incredible orchestra that is playing this wonderful “suite of the self” and putting out this harmonic of health. However, what happens if the 2nd violin player loses his or her sheet music? They begin to play out of tune, out of harmony. Pretty soon the entire string sections sounds off, and soon enough, the entire orchestra sounds off. Keeping with this metaphor, when a particular part of the body is out of ease or out of harmony with the rest of the body, we call it disease. A counter frequency has somehow encoded itself upon the body and that part vibrates out of tune, out of harmony, out of ease.

Now, going along with this concept of the body being an orchestra, most allopathic, traditional medicine would either give this violin player enough drugs so they pass out, or perhaps more effectively, cut their head off with a broad sword (analogous to surgery, of course). And this does take care of the situation: The string player is no longer playing the wrong notes. But also, the orchestra is now without this particular musician. What if it were possible to give this string player back their sheet music? What if it were possible to restore the correct resonant frequency to that part of the body that was vibrating out of tune and create a condition of health?

This, on a very simple level, is the basis principle of sound healing.

Does someone need to have a background in music or be a trained singer in order to understand and work with sound healing?
Absolutely not. The sound exercises we’ll be sharing at the Soundsation Conference are techniques that anyone can do. Here, we’re talking about using sound for entrainment (the ability to synchronize our nervous system and energy fields) — not for entertainment (singing songs for the enjoyment of others). The difference is huge.

We all have an extraordinary, divinely given gift within ourselves of manifesting the healing power of sound through using our own voice. It’s not about getting up to sing “Strangers in the Night” or whatever in a nightclub, but learning to use your voice to resonate your physical body and your chakras. We’re not concerned with performance, but rather, learning to use our own self-created vocal sounds to change our vibrational rates and put ourselves into states of health and harmony.

Andi: This is not a workshop on learning to sing, but rather learning to use self-created sound for healing. Many of us are “wounded singers” who may have had some unfortunate experience in our younger years, such as a well-meaning choir teacher telling us to “sing softer,” “mouth the words” or even “try out for a sport instead,” or we’ve been told that we can’t “carry a tune in a bucket!”

Neither the tune nor the proverbial bucket is necessary to experience the benefit from learning to work with self-created sound. The information and exercises that we’ll be sharing have nothing to do with making “pleasing” sounds for others and everything to do with making “frequency shifting” sounds for ourselves.

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Interview with Cyndi Dale

Cyndi, what is quantum physics saying now about sound and how we create our reality?
Sound is at the center of one of today’s most interesting scientific discussions. In fact, it’s in the middle of a feud between what I call the “orange world,” which is the subterranean, often-wacky world of quantum physics, and the “apple world,” the universe described by the Newtonian classical physics we learned about in school.

Here’s the basic question: Is sound or light the creative inspiration of reality? We think that reality is only that which we can see, sense, feel, touch and taste. The physical world is real, but it’s only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Under everything we are or want, is sound and light. Or is that sound or light?

Considerable research has determined that the world is made of light. In fact, a great field of light surrounds us. This field, composed of electromagnetic energies, emerged at the beginning of time. Our relationship to this field determines the health of our bodies, relationships, and daily life, even the performance of our DNA, which is considered a light machine. If the basic unit of life is light, we can change our physical reality by working with light — or, as it’s said in “the field,” “bending light.”

Other research insists that sound is the progenitor, or mother of us all. According to certain scientists, the universe began with the sound of countless cosmic bells. DNA is not only responsive to sound, but also is made of sound waves. One particular scientist, Daniel Eisenstein, from the University of Arizona, explains that the primordial soup, which trapped light, would still have transmitted sound. After the “fog lifted” and matter began to expand, sound carried the universe forward, in ripples and waves.

Perhaps it still does. If sound is the primary source, then we have only to shift sound and we can change reality.

In the Newtonian apple world, sound and light are different. Both can be measured by frequency and wavelength, but they are distinct. Sound needs a medium for traveling and light doesn’t. In the quantum orange world, however, frequencies mix and match. You can see sounds — light and sound coincide. The main primary colors can also be identified as the major chords. A sound blown across sand produces shapes; every shape emanates tones; and every tone forms an array of colors.

Because of quantum craziness, we can work with both sound and light to perform near-miracles. Royal Rife, a famous scientist, was able to find two cancer viruses and kill them, focusing invisible spectrums of light on them and using the laws of sound mechanics. He could even transform bacteria into viruses with the same process. In fact, he demonstrated that every organism could be transformed into another organism.

Sound is the basis of life. In the quantum world, so is light. This means we can use sound, light, and both, to alter our beliefs, emotions, perspectives, behaviors, and even physicality, to become more than we’ve ever been.

What is the quantum diamond you speak of?
At one level, everything is this universe is made of photons, which are the wave-particles of light, and sounds, mechanical waves. Both can be arranged in different shapes and move at different speeds, physically and psychically. The ancients figured out the main shapes or symbols that underlie all of reality. These are formed from light and sound but also determine the affects of the same. These symbols are consistent from culture to culture, and when stimulated with sound, produce real effects.

For instance, Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Egypt, the founder of Biogeometry, employs specific shapes to heal every major disease, but also to grow food, eliminate pests, enhance learning, and more. A new branch of quantum physics has determined that the walls of the dimensions are arranged in specific hexagonal and triangulated shapes, through which sound and light vibrate reality into being.

The quantum diamond is a shape that reflects all major ideas about how sound and light create reality. During the workshop, I’ll explain the different capabilities of these shapes and correlated sounds and lights or colors, but most important, lead us in a participatory healing journey so people can receive the related benefits for themselves.

What will participants experience during your presentation at the Soundsation Conference?
They will experience the healing effects of the quantum diamond — the blend of shape, sound, and light that formed the universe and can even now, transform what exists into something even better.

After explaining the concepts behind each shape and correlated sound and light, I’ll lead the entire group in a quantum diamond experience, or a group healing. Each person will be given a chance to stand in the center of this diamond structure and receive a healing.

This center is the place of what is called the “zero point,” the core of the great field of light and sound that surrounds us all. I’ve watched in amazement at the results of this process and would love to see everyone at the conference experience the same.

How can the average person get more benefit from sound in their lives?
Remember that all thoughts, words, tones, sentences and sounds are sound! If we surround ourselves with life-giving, happy sounds, we’ll be more productive and joyous. Surround yourself with sounds of nature. There are studies that show that certain natural sounds enhance the health of our heart, and if pumped into nature, can grow plants up to five times the normal size. Listen to television shows that are upbeat. Hum happy tunes in your head. Employ your intuition, so you can receive guidance through dreams, direct messages from the Divine, or insights from others, that enter as verbal sounds.

Then think good thoughts. We have about 60,000 thoughts a day. Of these, about 90 percent were the same thoughts we had yesterday and of these, 90 percent are negative. Negative produces negative. That’s pretty logical.

Don’t worry about controlling every thought in your head, however. What counts is what you concentrate on, what you actually say, and how you say it. We’ve all shifted our own demeanor and therefore, our effect on others, by being kind.

Sound is most loving and produces the highest outcomes when it comes from our heart. As research at the Institute of HeartMath and other research organizations reveals, when we hold higher emotions, including joy, hope, faith, truth, and love in our hearts, our energetic fields reflect this goodness. Our organs “entrain” or start to talk with and work with each other. They become “coherent” or unified. Every single organic system flourishes.

Just as important, the energy fields around our bodies become more conducive to joy and love. We attract people and events that best suit our better selves and, without even thinking about it, deflect those situations that can cause pain and grief. All that, from deciding to think kind thoughts during the day!

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Interview with Kay Grace

What inspired you to become a sound healer?
I’ve been a singer and songwriter since I was 15, so I know how powerful music and sound can be. I’ve been aware of energy healing in some form since I was 7. When I attended an energy healing school for a four-year certification in advanced energy healing, there was a module on sound healing. It was love at first sight, combining my love of sound and music with energy healing.

I studied with Jonathan Goldman, which was life-changing, and then studied an additional two years with Sound Accord, whose teachers also studied with Jonathan, among others. Sound healing, is extremely powerful, and accessible to everyone, which continues to inspire me as I see the effect it has on people who are able to shift out of old patterns and find their own voices.

How do your clients benefit from a sound healing session?
Sound healing effectively induces a state of calm, slows and regulates breathing, lowers blood pressure, alleviates pain, and reduces stress, all of which boost the function of the immune system. Sound can take your brain waves from active to alpha, as if you were meditating, or even into a theta brain wave state, where very deep healing often occurs, just below the surface of your conscious awareness.

We are whole systems, like an orchestra playing a symphony. Instead of cellos, violins and trumpets, we have our physical bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and our spiritual selves. What happens in one area affects all the others, just like a wrong note throws the whole orchestra out of harmony.

Sound healing brings the entire system back toward more order and harmony, using sound tools, technique and intention in order to release and shift whatever is causing the issue.

Fun Facts: A Baltimore hospital coronary unit found that 30 minutes of classical music produced the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium. And a leading New York oncologist uses Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and Hindu Sanskrit chanting to help cancer patients; in his book, The Healing Power of Sound, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor discusses the amazing results seen by integrating music, vocalization and meditation into patient care.

In your experience as a sound healer, and teacher of the art and science of Sound Healing, how can the average person use sound to improve their everyday lives?
Don’t bite your lip or hold your breath if you’re in pain. Groan and make sounds to release it.

Speak the truth with kindness and awareness, however it lines up with your core values.

Sing often, whether you can carry a tune or not.

Use your voice for self-healing and wellness: Tone a simple vowel sound like AH, OH, EE, add your intention (like peaceful, capable, confident, gracious) and sing for three minutes, to shift your energy quickly and easily.

Play music often, at least an hour a day, which feels good — calming, energizing, peaceful.

Pay attention to your sound environment, changing what you can, and harmonizing with those sounds you cannot change, by singing that same tone which is unpleasant, or another tone which is in harmony with it.

Your thoughts are inaudible sounds and have a very powerful affect on you physically, emotionally and spiritually, so pay attention to them, and weed out the thoughts that don’t support you.

What have you discovered about sound healing that you would like everyone on the planet to know?
Voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument of all. It’s yours alone, and it’s free. Shifting your energy and state of being can be done very quickly, in just a few minutes a day, and anyone with a voice can do this. For those who don’t have a voice, or who cannot hear, sound healing is still accessible through vibration and feeling.

Sound is at the heart of every creation myth, bringing spirit and intention into physical form, an incredible tool for manifestation, so I would encourage everyone to explore the world of sound healing to manifest total well-being and your heart’s desires.

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