Transformation Conference features Dolores Cannon, many others


Ozark Mountain Publishing will host its sixth annual Awakening to Higher Consciousness Transformation Conference 2011 on June 10-12 at the John Q. Hammond Center in Rogers, Ark. The event features: noted regressive hypnotherapist, psychic researcher and author Dolores Cannon; author, teacher, dancer and actress Dee Wallace; Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, star and consulting producer of “Ancient Aliens the Series”; Maureen McGill and Nola Davis, authors of the book Live From the Other Side; and many others who focus on the raising of human consciousness.

The event is $165 in advance, $190 at the door, with options to purchase tickets for each day separately. For registration or more information, call 1.800.935.0045, email [email protected] or visit

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  1. My daughter, Laura Martin, and I hated to have to miss your conference after having attended the last two….we get more out of it than the big Celebrate Your Life one in Chicago which we have gone to. Have met lovely friends at your conference. Laura took your special hypnosis techniques and I have been her first “client” and we’re both excited about her being able to do past-life-regressions. I just finished reading Power of the Magdalene which Laura sent me….and will order it and the Jesus and the Essenes special offer….I see Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentiss are speakers at your ’11 conference….the Magdalene book blew me away….I cried many times from sheer joy of learning more about our spiritual human evolutuion….Laura and I both feel we are now helping bring the LIGHT to many as we evolve. You, Dolores, have changed for the better byfar, probably millions of lives and Laura and I have very special feelings for you and wish you continued health and success as you spread THE LIGHT throughyour books, speaking engagements and teaching of past life hypnosis therapy. Jo Ann Pottorff and Laura Martin


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