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“There is no journey as exciting as the journey that leads to your own awakening and the blossoming of your intuitive abilities, for these lead to wisdom and personal power.” – Penny Kelly

Over a two-year period in the early 1980s, a group of little men in brown robes appeared to Penny Kelly, asking if she would be willing to “look at some pictures.” At first reluctant, she eventually agreed, and during a series of visits she was shown a number of living scenes of the future encompassing the years from 2000 to 2413. The scenes of the future were accompanied by a number of explanations and commentaries by the “Robes” themselves.

In 1991, they returned and asked her to write down what they had shown her, and the book Robes — A Book of Coming Changes was the result.

Penny Kelly

Penny Kelly is a writer, teacher, consultant, speaker, publisher, and Naturopathic physician. She is the owner of Lily Hill Farm and Learning Center in southwest Michigan where she teaches courses in Developing the Gift of Intuition, Getting Well Again Naturally, and Organic Gardening. Penny has been researching and exploring consciousness, cognition, perception and intelligence for more than 30 years, and works with Dr. William Levengood of Pinelandia Laboratory near Ann Arbor, MI.

She is deeply involved in Community Gardening efforts and the development of a regional food system in southwest Michigan, and she is working with the Kellogg Foundation in this regard. She has a small publishing company, Kelly Networks LLC, that publishes books on the subjects of spirituality and health, and she is one of the founding members of the Tipping Point Network, which is currently working to move sustainability from 2 to 10 percent of global market share.

This mother of four children has co-written and edited 23 books with others, and five books of her own: The Evolving Human, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm, Robes — A Book of Coming Changes, Getting Well Again, Naturally — From The Soil To The Stomach, and Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1 — Multidimensionality and A Theory of Consciousness. She is now writing Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 — New Worlds of Energy.

Penny Kelly will present an evening lecture and weekend workshop in the Twin Cities on July 22-24. On Friday evening she will present the lecture “The New Earth — Living in Harmony,” an overview of what she learned while with the Robes. On Saturday and Sunday, she will present “Developing the Gift of Consciousness,” a guide about the reality we live in and a deeper understanding of awareness and intuition. For complete details, visit

The author and healer spoke with me about her experience with the Robes and about what she will present in July during her first visit to Minnesota.

Penny, I was introduced to your book Robes — A Book of Coming Changes and every aspect of the book resonated with me. When did your journey begin with these little men in brown robes?
Penny Kelly: The journey began in 1980 when the “Robes,” as I called them, began appearing in my kitchen or my living room, asking if I would be willing to “look at their pictures.” I was not very receptive the first couple of times they appeared, but then I had the thought, “Okay, I guess I can look at their pictures for a minute.” I didn’t realize it was going to end up being a whole series of visits and pictures that would occur on and off for almost two years.

What did you feel when you were taken into the future by the “Robes.”
PK: I think the overriding feeling at that time was “overwhelm.” The pictures and scenes they showed me introduced a whole range of thoughts, ideas, perspectives and possibilities that I had never even considered. They took me into times and places that revealed the major events and coming changes happening between 2000 and 2025, then in 2080, and in 2413. Through it all, they talked about the rise of what they called the “global network” and how important this was to our ongoing development as humans.

Back then, the internet did not really exist in society, and I often wondered what they were talking about, but now it’s obvious they were talking about the web!

When they took you into the future, what did you see? Tell us about the visions they showed you.
PK: There were about 16 or 18 visits altogether, and each visit focused on a different aspect of our life in this world. The first one dealt with the need to reconnect with the Earth and to reconsider things like building high dams and nuclear reactors in earthquake zones.

The next few visits focused on our legal and political structures, as well as our misunderstanding of leadership. They pointed out why governmental institutions weren’t working, and said that our government would eventually go bankrupt. In another visit, they went into deep and powerful explanations about sexuality, birth and educating children. We went on a tour of how people were living, their communities, homes, even their bathrooms and bedrooms. We spent one visit on food, how famine would develop in our first world countries, and looking at the frequencies food offers us.

In still others, they examined technologies, trade, the abilities we could develop as humans, and the fact that we were approaching what they called “the great fork in the road,” which was whether to align ourselves with creation or destruction.

What do we have to do to prepare ourselves to be in balance with the present shift in consciousness?
PK: There were two things the Robes emphasized. One was the need to reconnect with the Earth. They said, “You must reconnect to the Earth or you will not survive…and we very definitely want you to survive.” The other thing was the need to begin developing ourselves and our built-in potentials. They insisted we were responsible for what we created, and that it was time to begin creating deliberately and wisely.

You have an organic farm In Michigan, you’re involved with community gardening, and you’re also a great proponent of sustainability. Did the “Robes” have a major effect on your present interests and your life purpose?
PK: I did not think they had much effect on me at the time they were present in my life, and when they stopped coming around, I was relieved. It was only later that I began to see that everything they showed me was happening and my whole life had been affected by them. Unconsciously, I had worried about getting caught with nothing — no skills, no equipment, no knowledge, no relationships, no connection to the earth or the capacity to sustain a decent way of life. I think this unacknowledged worry drove me to make many of the choices that I made.

In brief words, tell us what we need to do to become better citizens of the world?
PK: Mmmm, that’s a big subject. I think we need to move away from thinking that the government should be responsible for our lives. I think we need to recover our inner authority and make decisions about how we will live instead of waiting to see what is handed to us. I think we need to stop searching for heroes and take on the challenge of being heroic in our own lives.

I think we should stop idolizing politicians or media stars and start stepping into roles that call us to become servant leaders. I would like to see each city and town take responsibility for feeding itself. I would love to see the clothing business go “local.” I think education should start with teaching children about the body/mind system and how to survive in Nature. When they can do that, then introduce reading, writing, and arithmetic! I could go on and on….

From all indications, your Friday lecture and weekend workshop will prepare us to transform not only ourselves, but also the world. Can you expand on this?
PK: On Friday, I will be talking about developing our built-in abilities as humans, about what it means to reconnect to the Earth in today’s world, and the process of reaching enlightenment. The weekend workshop focuses on where we are going as a civilization, what living in balance means — in terms of people, plants and animals, and I will present a number of experiential exercises that deepen and expand consciousness.

Thank you Penny for an enlightening and informative interview. I am looking forward to your visit to the Cities with great anticipation. I am sure many readers will feel the same way, after reading your message.
PK: I’m also looking forward to visiting Minnesota. It should be a fun and exhilarating experience.

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  1. I have read Penny’s book “Robes”, what a gift she has given us.It’s a very important and NOW urgent message to get out. I am delighted she is coming to MN. Her timing is appreciated with all that is happening right now. We need all the help we can get under the circumstances. Self sufficiancy is crucial in the coming months.

    Best to all, Roxanne Lenarz Nutritionist


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