Author Event: Eclipses and Solstice in June to inspire change


Minnesota author Mary Stoffel will present a workshop to help you find the solutions you need through shamanism. Stoffel has chosen June to host her workshop to harness all the energies available for change at this time: a partial solar eclipse on the new moon, June 1; a full lunar eclipse on the full moon, June 15; a cardinal grand cross on the solstice, June 21; and another partial solar eclipse, July 1.

Eclipses can present opportunities for major transformation, solstices often open new chapters. In particular, the window of time between the full moon and the solstice is very ripe for each individual to make the changes they desire in their life.

Stoffel is the author of The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses, which recently won the Silver Medal Award from the Living Now Book Awards in the Enlightenment and Spirituality category.  The workshop, entitled “The Journey for Answers,” will help you improve your ability to find the answers you need and access your spiritual guidance. It will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, June 18, at the Center for Harmonious Living, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, MN. The cost is $15.

“When you tap into the realm of non-ordinary reality,” Stoffel says, “all answers are available to you. Whatever it is you seek, the practice of shamanism gives you the power to fulfill that need for yourself. Using the guiding and healing techniques of shamanic journeying can restore balance and harmony to our lives, with peace, serenity and confidence. Anyone can use shamanic journeying for day-to-day problem solving, decision-making, getting to know and working with your helping spirits, and self-development and healing. You CAN regain control of your life and chart your own course.”

Shamanism has been practiced for thousands of years to find solutions. Barbara Marciniak speaks about shamanism in her book, Bringers of the Dawn: “Many native cultures were trained to find the remnants of the Living Library left upon this planet. That explains their reverence for Earth and animals and their understanding of the cooperation that runs through everything. These native cultures were purposely put upon the planet so that there would be a training ground and a place of potential memory activation when the time was right.”  This event will help you activate your memory so you can instinctively know what is right for you.

Mary Stoffel is a shamanic teacher and practitioner with years of experience. She is also an Avatar® Master. She leads classes and workshops in Minnesota and around the country. Her holistic healing practice includes shamanic healing methods along with animal communication, energy healing, and essential oils therapy. Mary can be reached at 763.444.8146 or

For more information on the event, call call 952.938.1929 or visit

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