Deep Communion: The Soul’s Dream Journey


The following channeling of Alexander is an excerpt from the book Spirit Wisdom II: The Enlightened Warrior’s Guide to Personal and Cultural Transformation.

Every culture, from aboriginal tribe to complex civilization, recognizes the significance and esoteric mystery of dreams. Modern Western thought, its vision narrowed by the blinders of materialism, struggles to make sense of dreams. Dreams are variously explained as: the random static of neurological chaos; a means of emotionally processing the day’s events; or the symbolic patina on material rising from the deeper strata of the psyche.

While your conscious mind clings to its waking perceptions as “real” and struggles to make sense of its dreamtime imagery, the fact is that you must sleep and dream. Maintaining the illusions of physical life places great strain on consciousness, which must be “relieved” by restoration to its natural state. In other words, the realm of sleep and dreams is the native state of consciousness, and operates according to natural principles, whereas the illusion of physical reality is a self-generated hallucination that can be sustained for only so long before consciousness must seek relief from operating in such an unnatural state.

The Wall of the Self
At night, when you release the illusion of physical life and return to your natural state, you commune with your higher self to compare your experiences to the life theme and goals it has established.

Two “selves” are involved in the dream exchange: the authentic self and the waking self. The authentic self is the “real” you, a body of consciousness composed of your higher self, your reincarnational and probable selves, and the unique soul or individualized spark of consciousness that animates your mind and body. Probable and reincarnational selves, along with the soul, are embedded within the higher self, which in turn is cocooned within even greater bodies of consciousness. This is the real you, the authentic self.

For you to function effectively in the world of physical illusion, there must be a wall of separation between waking and authentic selves. The wall of separation is nothing more than a difference in the frequencies on which the two realms operate. The ego, holding the body’s safety as its primary concern, tightens its focus to the slow, dense frequencies perceived by the senses – while the faster frequencies of natural consciousness whir undetected.

Breaching the Wall
The ego evaporates as you fall asleep. With the ego’s low, earth-based frequency dissolving, consciousness is liberated to flow toward its natural frequencies. The early, light stages of sleep are a period of gradual acceleration of consciousness; the day’s experiences are processed during this transitional phase, teased apart into their physical/emotional/mental/spiritual components, examined for their relevance or irrelevance to one’s life theme, evaluated for their significance to life’s deeper purpose.

In a sense, this is a period of sifting and sorting through the mementos and souvenirs of each day’s earthly experience, separating the precious from the petty. Those experiences ripe with significance are retained and passed on to higher levels of consciousness for more meticulous examination. This early, light phase of sleep still operates through the boundary between waking and authentic selves, and it ensures that only deeply significant events pass through to higher levels of consciousness.

Deep Communion
The phase of deep communion can be envisioned as multiple strands of consciousness, humming at varying frequencies, intermingling and exchanging tendrils of information across permeable boundaries. The waking self’s consciousness must “ascend” — accelerating its vibration — while the higher self “descends” – decelerating its furious whirl – and they meet on common ground, at a mutually compatible frequency.

In deep communion, the individual strands of consciousness rising from probable and reincarnational selves intertwine with strands flowing from the higher self, and at the point of intersection a rich vibrational dialogue ensues. Powerful daytime events, the body’s overall health, the swelling tide of thought — all these are carried as vibrational matrices flowing from each individualized soul to its higher self. The higher self evaluates these strands in light of its intended growth and experience for a lifetime, to determine whether the waking self is “on track” or veering off into unanticipated, and possibly detrimental, paths of experience.

Freedom and free will are the cornerstones of your system, and a higher self never directly intervenes in the lives of its offshoots. It sets them up with certain characteristics, tethers them to a specific life theme, selects a birth mother, and then releases them. From there, the waking self takes over, aided by the powerful but undetected influence of the higher self. Final choices always rest with the waking self; it has every power and right to backslide into retrograde and primitive behaviors despite its higher self’s expectation of growth toward enlightenment.

At the nexus between each offshoot and its higher self during deep communion, after the offshoot has offered vibratory fragments of its day’s experience, the higher self offers a flow of responsive material. Couched in dispassionate respect, the higher self proffers its comparison of the offshoot’s anticipated growth versus its actual experience. The great probable swirl of potential choices is laid before the offshoot, the better for it to understand how it came to actualize one slender strand and what alternative potentials lie ahead. The danger of further entwining karmic ties with others, as opposed to loosening them, is emphasized, for all karmic bonds must be dissolved before earthly life can be released.

Each offshoot also shares, to a greater or lesser degree, information and experience with its brethren offshoots. The insight and inspiration you may occasionally feel upon awaking – a sudden zest to face your challenges with redoubled vigor and determination — stems from deep communion with your brethren selves offering their wisdom for your benefit.

In deep communion, each offshoot offers its day’s experiences to the higher self, which responds with a flow of guidance and direction to encourage the offshoot to stay the steady course of growth toward enlightenment and release of karmic bonds. Among probable and reincarnational selves, experiences and wisdom are swapped in a free-flowing exchange which encourages all participants to face their waking challenges with renewed strength and creativity.


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