She wraps the teapot carefully
And places it in a box
It was all she had left of the dishes,
Now smashed and broken on the stone floor.

She sweeps the pieces into the dust bin
Remembering twilight dinners
Where dreams took stardust
And left orchids in the night.

She pours the shards into the trash
Then hears the falling glass
Hoping her little girls would never know
Broken wedding china.

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Mayr Boros
Mayr Boros is a textile artist, poet and cancer survivor. Previous to working as an artist/writer, she had a career as a Registered Dietitian. She is the founder of the "Bear and a Prayer," program, now a part of United Way (the Teddy Bear Program). Her most recent work focuses on two international projects, "Hope through the Labyrinth" and "PAINT." Mayr's focus on transformation through art includes the development of workshops related to Art, Faith and Healing. The "Art, Healing and the Labyrinth: Meditation in Motion" class, which she teaches at Mayo Clinic, as part of their Breast Cancer Healing Program, is now being offered in the metro area.


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