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Integrated Energy Therapy® — as its founder Stevan J. Thayer explains — is a next generation, hands-on-power energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET, developed by Thayer at the Center of Being in Woodstock, NY, uses the violet angelic energy ray to work directly with an individual’s 12-strand Spiritual DNA.

IET gently releases limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future. Thayer says that the term “Integrated” was chosen to convey the healing vision of “integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future.”

Since it was first taught in New York in 1994, IET now is being taught worldwide by more than 3,250 master instructors. More than 36,000 people have taken certified classes in IET.

Bonny Kraus — a Usui Reiki Master, a Spiritual Counselor and a Channel of the Angels — is a master instructor of IET who teaches in Arizona, Minnesota and Wisconsin. She was inducted in the IET Hall of Fame in January 2011. Bonny returns to the Upper Midwest from June to September to offer IET training. She recently took the time to share information on this energy therapy system with The Edge.

Bonny Kraus

Bonny, briefly explain why Integrated Energy Therapy was created? For whom is it intended and what conditions or situations does it help heal?
Bonny Kraus: Integrated Energy Therapy was created by Stevan Thayer in the late 1980s. He is the founder of The Center of Being, Inc., which is dedicated to the support of IET education. Angel Ariel is the overseer of IET.

In the beginning stages of IET, Stevan discovered some of the IET integration points through repeat healing experiences, which came about when he touched certain acupressure points on the bodies of his clients. He later began channeling Angel Ariel, who brought in the remainder of the integration points, the cellular memory areas, the energies of the imprints and the attuning process. Angel Ariel also channeled the Advanced Level IET through Stevan, which includes many techniques for discovering and enacting your soul’s mission, as well as the Master-Instructor Level IET, which includes techniques to optimize the 12-Strand DNA.

IET was created to help those clients and students drawn to complementary alternative therapy modalities for the purpose of releasing the energy of suppressed trauma stored within all layers and levels of the four bodies — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — which includes karmic, genetic and past life. IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field to transmute these suppressed energies and release them through what in IET is called the Heartlink.

I feel that Integrated Energy Therapy is most effective at transmuting negative emotions and thought constructs from our cellular memory, which are contained within the physical body as well as the mental/emotional body. This modality is most effective at getting the “issues out of the tissues” permanently.

IET has been described as “Healing with the Energy of Angels®.” What angels are involved and what role do they serve during the healing process?
BK: There are nine healing angels of the energy field: Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, Michael and Ariel. Each angel provides a gift of healing that works with a different area of the cellular memory map, along with the nine integration points. For example, Raphael is associated with the first IET Cellular Memory area, which is the crown chakra. This is where we release guilt and imprint innocence. This effective transfer of energy is created through the Heartlink, which is established between the practitioner’s heart and the heart of Angel Raphael.

As we proceed through all nine cellular memory areas, we work with these healing angels to release guilt, distrust, shame, threat, shoulds, heartache and betrayal, anger, resentment, stress and disempowerment, and lastly fear. In it’s place, we put an empowerment imprint. Each of the nine angels specializes in a release and imprint of energies.

I like to describe this exchange of energies as “letting go of that which we are not and reclaiming the truth of who we really are” — our pure divine childlike innocence and our unconditional love nature.

What do those who receive IET healing experience? Briefly describe a typical healing session.
BK: An IET healing session begins with the client lying on his or her back on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner moves around the body to systematically work with the nine IET cellular memory areas, and the client remains stationary.

I inform my clients before a session that there is nothing they need do other than relax, let go and allow the angels to do all the work. I also remind the client that the soul is in charge and that they do not need to remember, relive or feel anything during an IET session to benefit from it. It is best for a client to merely surrender and trust in the process. It is while we are in the parasympathetic state that the body most effectively heals itself. All that is required to get into this state is to shut down the mind and our doingness nature and relax into our inner beingness. In this state the body heals itself.

I also let my clients know that there will be light touch throughout the session and that he or she may experience some emotions, visions, memories, colors or sensations. During my session I offer words of encouragement to assist maximum release, which is facilitated through the sound of my voice and the trigger words which are spoken during a session.

I find every session to be unique. Remember that what is released in a session is released permanently and transmuted through the angels. No negative energy is released into the atmosphere to be picked up by another, as it is all transmuted by the angels into the truth of who we really are.

Please share an experience, without naming names, of how IET has made a positive difference in someone’s life.
BK: One powerful example, which was shared with me by Stevan, was a man who was on disability leave from his work due to his severe depression. During IET sessions with this individual, it was found that he harbored a great deal of suppressed rage, of which he was completely unaware. During a series of IET sessions, layer after layer of his suppressed rage was released and replaced with an empowerment imprint of forgiveness. Gradually his depression began to lessen, and in time he was able to return to his work duties once again.

Why were you drawn to Integrated Energy Therapy personally?
BK: That story starts about 20 years ago, when I was a participant in a number of hands-on healing groups in the Twin Cities. At that time, I was also participating as a healer at the monthly Lake Harriet healing services. I just knew I had the abilities and the energies coming through my hands, and at the time believed that I did not need formal training.

After moving to Sedona in 2002, I began working with many gifted and well-trained healers in many different modalities. It seemed, however, that most of the friends I gravitated towards were IET practitioners. In the Fall 2006, I decided to attend a Basic Level Class here in Sedona. My intention was to test the waters, as well as to learn to heal myself.

At the time, my self-confidence and self-worth were suffering a bit and my physical health was not as stable as I would have liked it to be, so I ventured in and ended up staying for the second day which was the intermediate level. I returned two months later for the advanced level. I intuited that this would one day lead to helping clients, but I did not have an inkling that the angels had much more in mind for me until April 2008 when I began my IET teaching career in Avon, MN, at a friend’s retreat center. I had taken the Master Instructor course twice prior to that — the first time to receive my 6th pair Spiritual DNA attunement and the second time with the inner knowingness that the angels were calling me to teach.

What overall message would you share with the public about IET and the benefits it offers humanity?
BK: What I most love about IET are the connections to the angels, the 12 strand Spiritual DNA attunements at each level of study, and the simplicity — and yet, the incredible power and effectiveness — of this energy healing process.

Last year, I became one of the top 30 Master Instructors of IET. I share that with you now as a testimony to the power of following your heart’s desires, your inner knowingness and your passion — without the doubts and fears of the mind holding you back. The places you may find yourself — inwardly as well as outwardly– are certainly beyond your wildest dreams. I advise you not to stop dreaming, as it is all contained within you and it is all part of what makes your heart sing. My confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and intuitive abilities have expanded way beyond my wildest dreams after having stepped into this venture with no real expectations, merely an open mind and an open heart.

Contact Bonny Kraus at [email protected] and view her web page at www.learniet.com/bonny_kraus.asp. Learn more about Integrated Energy Therapy at LearnIET.com.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this article, it was absolutely wonderful. I experienced an IET session with Bonny a couple months ago & it was truly an amazing experience. I’m planning on taking her class in Minneapolis in September. I can’t wait to offer it to in my Reiki practice.

  2. I feel extremely inspired reading this article and feel strongly guided to find out more about this Healing modality. I’m looking forward to receive an IET session with Bonny and maybe even want to learn it myself.


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