In Memoriam: Psychic and healer Susan Stone

Susan Stone

Honoring her essence..
Susan Stone, Twin Cites Psychic, Teacher, Reiki Master and Tarot reader has moved closer to our Creator, to our next plane of existence at 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 20, 2011. Well known at the holistic expos and shops around the area, Susan cherished moments with friends, enjoying the touch of their Soul, a smile, a hug, and a joke now and then. We celebrate her life and her healing work as our memories hold her essence in our hearts. Enjoy your journey Susan. — John Peterson, friend

My own little eulogy…
When I finally got “out there” providing readings publicly, I found myself at a little metaphysical shop in the beautiful town of Stillwater, MN. Several psychics were “on deck” providing readings, and here comes the new girl. Immediately I was drawn to Sue for her warmth and Ahhh-mazing hair (she, too, come to find out, was a Leo).

Susan took me under her wing. She explained to me the ebb and flow of the store…mentoring me…   being my booth buddy at events…teaching me even MORE on Tarot…letting me know about certain clients…and sharing what she, herself, had learned about being a professional psychic.  Many of those lessons I still think about every day.

Not only did she share professionally, but personally we engaged, as well. We’d drive to the shop together (living about five miles from each other, we carpooled), we went to concerts together, hung out at each others homes…laughing together sharing wine, stories and silliness.

I can’t tell you how many times I called Sue with the first line of the conversation being (from me):  “Oh My God. You won’t even believe what happened today.” She always had the right words or a giggle or just an ear. She had this amazing gift of knowing exactly what was needed at any given time. Something that I strive to provide, for all, every day. But she just had it. A true gift.

Suzie…I love you.  I love you for eating hard boiled eggs and stinking up the back room at the shop. I love you for your amazing hair and how you loved the sun as much as me. I loved that you drug me to the Senior Expo to do readings for the blue hairs. I love you for being my Reiki instructor. You will always have a special place in my heart. — Tiffany Johnson, friend


  1. Oh my goodness I’m in shock I just heard a song b Hall & Oats -ySarah smile and it made me think of Sue stone so I googled her name and this is what came up and I’m so incredibly sad I had no idea!! I was her hairdresser and head healing touch from her sometimes we traded services I hadn’t seen her in years but I think of her often and when I heard that song I had to Google her to see where she’s been never thinking that she could be gone? We hit it off from the moment we met I enjoyed her so much thought maybe she had moved she was such a free spirit and I know she was in love with a man named logs so in my heart I just thought she was with him? her passing breaks my heart she somebody I’ll never forget she touch my soul RIP Sue???

  2. OMG Susan. Was looking for you. You were Lisa’s Reiki master till she died in 2001. She so loved her sessions with you. You answered one of my important questions after she died. Only now, in 2017 am I beginning my next journey to learn more of what you already knew. Wish you were here to teach me. God speed wherever you go next. Hope your little puppy was there to greet you. Say “Hi” to Lisa for me. Love Michael


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