The Deity Among Us


To me, the very thought of the Deity is as bright, effulgent day beams.

But we know it can take quite a dark night of the soul to jolt us out of habitual treadmills enough to grok: “What does it matter if we gain the whole world, but lose our own souls?” So, the value of heroes and great persons might be that there may be greater persons.

They inspire us by their example of what it can look like today, not 2,000 years ago, to squarely face and embody uplifting truth, meaning every word you say, every move you make, with your whole heart, even for one hour.

So, why must we continue to stone the prophets and crucify saints? When that which we’ve wished for, longed for – wise and beautiful (inside) fellow human beings, faulty enough so that we can relate to them, come before us as living proof that it can be done – when at last they appear in our midst, what is so ignorant as not to realize it? What is so crude as to hurl insults at them?

All I know is that when such a one consents to shine there in my presence, I – though I stand alone – will hold Sabbath welcome, hushed and still, with reverence for the Deity in us all, for angels among us.

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Bettylou Ahlman
Native Minnesotan.


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