2012: The End or…The Gift?


We are obviously experiencing a great shift. Evidence is everywhere. It’s in the increasing number of wars that are going on. It’s in the rebellions: more people rising up to attempt to change their governments. The shift is ongoing in the global economy. It’s visible in the documented increase of various forms of natural disaster. It’s in the general uncertainty and extreme discomfort that so many are feeling about the future. All of these are signs that massive change is underway. But where is that change leading us?

You may already have the calendar in your head marked for December 21, 2012 – the Solstice. This could be the most important date ever…when God flips the great celestial light switch in the sky. If you believe the happy hype and hyperbole, then this is the precise moment when the golden age leaps forth fully formed into the world. If, on the other hand, you believe the doom and gloom, then this marks the fiery end of the world – the apocalypse arriving in the form of a pole shift, an asteroid strike, nuclear war, pestilence or other disasters.

Let’s start with where that hype comes from.

Everything I’ve channeled about that date says, “Yes, it is significant.” It marks an alignment of our Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy as it rises that Solstice morning. Much of the hoopla surrounding that date is based on analysis strongly suggesting that the Mayan calendar ends on that date. I’m neither a Mayan scholar nor an astronomer, so I won’t attempt to give all the details, but that alignment makes sense as to why the Mayan calendar would end at that time. But why should we believe it marks the end of time or the end of the world?

When last year ended, did you fear the world was going to end? No, you got a new calendar. Why should we believe the Mayan calendar is any different? Well, the longest time frame the Mayans measured lasts 52,000 years, so the end of that cycle seems to mark a very important date. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Remember, this alignment has happened before and will happen again, and the Earth is still here. It marks a major shift, but I believe it’s a much more important shift than one into instant Armageddon or instant Eden.

What I believe will occur at that time is a shift in the predominant mass consciousness that is fear based and focused through victimhood and lack to a new “status quo” predominant consciousness that is based in love and focused through empowerment and abundance.

To understand this fully, we must clarify what mass consciousness is and how it affects us. Many seem to believe that mass consciousness is one big ball of energy. It can be looked at that way, but it is actually composed of an infinite variety of balls of energy – one for each thought, feeling and experience that has ever existed. Each time a thought has occurred in any person or other being, it has added to the energy in that ball in the mass consciousness. The same is true for every feeling and every experience.

One way to look at what we lightworkers are doing is that we are changing the relationships between various balls of energy in the mass consciousness. As an example, let’s look at the polar opposite balls of energy of lack and abundance. As we heal our fears and experiences based in lack, we shrink the ball of lack in the mass consciousness by the same amount. As we expand our belief in and experience of abundance, we are expanding the ball of abundance in the mass consciousness.

What I believe will happen at that moment of alignment with the galactic core is that the balls of energy that are love, empowerment and abundance are going to reach more than 50 percent in relation to the balls of energy that are their polarities (fear, victimhood, lack). It’s not the light switch immediately moving us all to love. Rather it’s a change in the status quo, in the mass consciousness pressure affecting our experience. Mass consciousness is like water pressure – the deeper you go in the ocean, the greater the pressure on you. The larger the ball of energy in a particular ball of mass consciousness, the more pressure it exerts on those who have any of that feeling or thought or belief in them. But it is relative. Few of us hold only fear or only love within us. The opposite ball of energy is also exerting its pressure.

What happens when the balance shifts so the mass consciousness of love is larger than that of fear? It will become easier to live in love than in fear. Love will be more supported than fear. We can still hold fear if we so desire, but it will require more energy to do so. But the gentle push of mass consciousness will be reset toward love. The ball will be rolling more easily and picking up speed toward love.

I believe this is the gift awaiting us on that date – the gift of greater ease in living in love as we desire. I can’t wait to unwrap that present!

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John F. Schulte
John F. Schulte is a pure channel for the Ascended Masters, a potent sound healer, and an engaging spiritual teacher. For fifteen years he has travelled by invitation around the U.S. and abroad to offer private sessions and his numerous initiations and spiritual classes. His internet radio hour - Exposing the Masters Within - can be heard every Sunday at 2 p.m. Central on BBSRadio.com. He'll be returning to the Twin Cities from July 28 through Aug. 2 or 3. His website at OurEarthPASS.com is scheduled to go live soon. He may be contacted by email or phone for more information, to join his contact list, or to schedule work in person or by phone.


  1. This is SO much bigger than just human’s. This shift is affecting more than 999 trillion to the 149 power. Most of them have never been a human and many are not aware of the human’s or ever interacted with human’s. This evolutionary energy shift is not just about this universe, it is also happening with 9 other universes that are not parallel in any way. God is a construct for human’s. More than 98% of all consciousness never have been explosed to human’s or Earth. This so called ascended masters are way over their heads…so to speak on this one! But human’s do not understand who are communicating with them and what else exists since there are more than 129 levels of consciousness of which the ascended masters are on about level 12. So…..I AM just saying……God did not initiate this and there will be no end to the shift……it is and will be continuous….for literally more than 100,000 years. So tighten your seat belt…..we are just beginning!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the wonderful article! Clearly this “global” transformation depends to a great extent on our “personal” transformation, our own gradual shift from fear to love. In practice, this shift can be a bit tricky because, as human beings, fear “seems” to trump all other energies. We instinctively pull back and become defensive when our fears are triggered. So we almost have to “train” ourselves to respond to our fears in a different way, to see our fears in a different light. Rather than “reacting” to our fears as an authentic sign of danger, we need to “respond” to our fears as a very helpful signal showing us where we have a wounded place or a wounded belief (about ourselves or about the world). A place that needs our attention and healing. And it will help to know that this healing doesn’t have to be painful and arduous. In fact, our healing is a sacred process. And it begins as soon as we acknowledge the wounded place … and do so not with judgment but with patience, gentleness and compassion.


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