Tellinger’s return to Cities: Advanced Technology of the Ancients


Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author who has become an authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern Africa.

Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6,000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger, and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago…mining gold.

These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in the heart of it all. Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilization which we now call the First People. These settlements cover most of southern Africa – an area about twice the size of Texas. They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, worshiped the sun, and were the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh – key of life and universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to light.

Michael Tellinger returns to the Twin Cities in July to reveal more about the lost civilization in Southern Africa and much more. He will speak in Minneapolis from 7-10 p.m. Wednesday, July 6, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S. Tickets are $30 and are available at the door or online at

Michael reveals many of the latest measurements and presents the evidence that this vanished civilization had an astute knowledge of the laws of nature and the generation of free energy from Mother Earth for all their needs. They used the power of sound and frequency as a source of energy, which underpins the scientific conclusions reached by him. The author further suggests how we can learn from those early humans in our search for peace and a harmonious, unified world, with abundance for all.

His work touches critical issues around the subject of consciousness. The more we push the boundaries of science, the more we come to understand the universal mind – the creative source of all things in the universe. Who is God? What is the divine creator? How does it all fit together? What are other realms and dimensions? Is there a key to help us understand all this? Michael believes that quantum physics is a gift from the divine to allow humanity to find its way back to source – back to unity – from a deeply divided species – not only on Earth but in the entire universe.

In his book Temples Of The African Gods, he graphically exposes his discoveries that will be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history. This work is a continuation of Tellinger’s previous books Slave Species of God and Adam’s Calendar, which have become favorites with readers in over 30 countries.

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