The Pleiadian Ambassador: An interview with Christine Day Part One


Native Australian Christine Day, a spiritual teacher, healer and author, has channeled information from extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians for the past 20 years, seeking to assist and awaken humanity during this acknowledged time of great transformation on planet Earth. Through a channeled healing modality, Frequencies of Brilliance, and book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, she has offered people tools to awaken consciously to their true nature, and a new online teaching program that is being introduced – the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy – will allow people worldwide to access information now only offered during select seminars.

Christine Day

Speaking through Christine Day, the Pleiadians said this about the new online program:

“This ‘Language of Light’ work has been brought forth at this time to enable those of you who feel called to do so to take giant steps toward your own enlightenment process. We have crafted energies that will support you in being able to move back into a place of re-alignment to the Self, and remembrance of your place within the Universal Consciousness.

“The time has come for many of you to reconnect to this aspect of your Self, so that you can navigate your place within the Collective. As you make your way back towards Self, you undergo a transformation that enables you to hold an “energetic platform” – an energetic mirror, as it were – for others to meet that aspect of themselves. In this manner, you enable many other humans to follow in your footsteps. This is part of your mission here, it is what you came here to do, and now is the time for this unfoldment.”

Christine Day spoke with The Edge from her home office in Minneapolis about the Pleiadians in general and the expanded teaching in particular, as well as her upcoming three-day Pleiadian Seminar on July 22-24 at the Ramada Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

For those new to the Pleiadians, can you briefly explain who they are and why we should take note of their presence?
Christine Day: The Pleiadians are here at the moment on our Earth plane and they are bringing their energies here to support us in these changing times, in this new dawning that is taking place on our Earth plane. We are going through a birthing of a new dimensional consciousness on the planet. The Pleiadians are here to work with not only the Earth’s energy, but with each one of us if we are willing to open up for the support that they bring. Part of that is just holding space around us to birth ourselves.

They are not bringing anything to us. They are assisting us in birthing ourselves. They call this time the New Dawning, and they say we are the New Dawning, that every human being is a New Dawning and is part of the birthing of consciousness that is going on. So that is their commitment, to work with individuals and the collective energy on the Earth.

Let me ask you something that came from a channeling I heard a number of years back. It related to the fact that the people on Earth are doing something that maybe no other beings on any planet have ever done, and that is to consciously evolve themselves and their planet. Would you have anything to say about that?
CD: Well, I totally agree. The principle message the Pleiadians are bringing to everybody is the importance of the role that we are playing here in this experience of having a human experience and awakening consciously to our awakened states. They emphasize how important it is for us to embrace our humanness and to honor ourselves for the courage it has taken to come here and have this experience of being human – and birthing consciously into our enlightenment.

They say one of the most important things for human beings to understand right now is the journey of loving ourselves as human beings and understanding we’re going through a deep, changing relationship with our humanness. They say that we are helping human beings to understand their humanness, and that what we need to do is turn back towards ourselves with much love and compassion for everything we’ve experienced here on our journey so far in this lifetime. So, absolutely, I totally resonate with that.

For people who may be new to the spiritual path, explain what it actually means to “awaken.”
CD: It is a remembrance process. Awakening is the gradual opening up and understanding of ourselves as being more than this limited human aspect living on this third dimensional illusion.

There is this shift in consciousness taking place on the planet, birthing from the third dimensional planet to a fourth- and fifth-dimensional planet. It is bringing us slowly awake into remembering that we are interconnected with other human beings, that we are interconnected to the natural forces, to the Earth, to the Sun, to the trees and the plants. We have this interconnected consciousness, this Goddess, within us. It’s about slowly waking up and having direct experiences, suddenly feeling a deep loving connection with Nature, with another human being and understanding they’re not alone.

Part of that waking up is understanding that we actually have incredible, unlimited abilities to create and be magical creatures. The third dimensional mind, the ego-mind, is not who we are. As we connect to our heart, we start to connect and remember our magical aspect of ourselves. That is what is taking place.

Birthing back to our heart actually is a very simple process. It’s not complicated. In the process of feeling your heart and connecting to the Spirit of yourself you remember and wake up to your magic.

Fear doesn’t exist in that magic. That’s really a very third-dimensional thing, the fear, the struggle, the tiredness, the belief that we don’t have enough. All of that is connected to the ego-mind.

There is a lot of fear out there, especially a lot of fear being put out about these changing times. And the fact is, there is nothing to be afraid of, because when we connect to that part of ourselves that is magical, then we are able to relax and rest in this changing place, in the birthing that’s going on.

There is a lot of suggestion by religion and by the media and by movies and entertainment that these times that we’re in are the End Times and the world is going to end. But aren’t we actually just moving from one level of consciousness up to a higher level?
CD: Exactly, and the Pleiadians say this is your next step. They remind us that we have said yes to being here at this time. Each one of us has made a pre-agreement to be here on this Earth plane at this time to be in this change. It’s been a great gift, and it was an honor for us all to be received here.

The Pleiadians say we’re all making just another step, and it’s a beautiful step and a glorious step as we start connecting into the magic of ourselves. Part of my work is bringing these energies through. That’s what the Pleiadian seminar is about. It’s actually an awakening seminar for people to take another step towards the magic of themselves so they begin to take another step into the remembrance of themselves.

There is change coming, it’s true, and the human ego-mind does not like change. But the heart knows the truth of that change and the beauty of it, and it’s really very much a Divine time for us, very exciting.

What takes place for an individual who attends the three-day Pleiadian event?
CD: A tremendous transformation takes place. There is an accelerated awakening of the individual, and any person who comes begins to align and awaken during those three days. They go through a very deep awakening process that maintains after they leave the seminar, so it’s a huge step forward for whoever wants to come in.

Physical healings take place in these events, and for many people there’s some very, very deep reconnections to their own aspect of their light, so they start awakening and remembering who they are in that fourth- and fifth-dimensional state.

There’s also a very strong interconnection between the people who come, a unique bonding and expansion within the group itself. It is a group dynamic, and there is a unique dynamic for each individual. There’s a group initiation, and then there’s an individual initiation with the light, and it seems to call in soul groups.

I see groups of people connecting and meeting, and then after the seminar, networking with each other in a very strong way, so that’s very nice, too. They also get to form a deeper relationship with the Pleiadians at the seminar, so that when they leave they are connected to a Pleiadian team that will go on working with them after the seminar. This is part of the support that people agree to at the seminar. If they don’t want that connection with the Pleaidians, they don’t have to have it, but there is a moment in the workshop when they put up their hand and the Pleiadians read the energy through the palm of their hand and a Pleiadian team is given to each person who says yes to it.

We also work with the spiritual realms there at the Pleiadian seminar. They enter in force because the Pleiadians set an energetic grid in the whole room. Angels and light beings can walk one-on-one with the people, as well.

Participants also learn how to work in the dimensional crystal vortex. The Pleiadians guide me to dial these huge crystals, and as they’re moved, a dimensional energy opens up. It’s like a womb is created that births each person back into that remembering place, and they have that experience of coming back to themselves and remembering and being able to anchor and maintain that connection with themselves.

We have a teaching dialogue from the Pleiadians and a space for channeled answers for questions that are asked. We also work with the energetic matrix, which is a geometrical process. The Pleiadians design sacred designs and everyone sits within that matrix and goes through a very deep process of union with consciousness.

So at these events, there are a lot of different processes that go on. People are really going through rapid transformation, but it’s very gentle. Each person is uniquely working within themselves at their own pace, so it’s not like there’s too much energy for people to digest. They take what they can handle, so there’s integrating processes throughout the workshop. It’s very special.

As a result of what you’ve built up through these events, do you sense it is now time to expand the teachings outward to more people? I understand you’re beginning to do that through online teachings now called the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy.
CD: Yes, the first online program is called “Language of Light.” The Pleiadians have created eight video classes – two classes a month for four months. Students are given homework through channeled audio files that they receive. They work with sacred symbols and sounds that birth them deeply into their remembering, awakening process. It’s very powerful and empowering.

There are going to be three modules of the Language of Light. It will end up being a 12-month program, 24 classes, two classes a month. The first module is now available, and others will be coming in August.

What I love about how the Pleiadians have designed this first module is that it’s designed to assist people in coming back and embracing their humanness as they birth their spiritual nature. The Pleiadians are saying that we need to turn back to our human selves and start loving our human journey and honoring our human journey and the courage we have had to be here, that we need to bring the human content of ourselves into the awakening process.

We can’t leave the human self behind. We have to bring ourselves with us into the fourth and fifth dimensional energy. Otherwise, we’re in separation. Some people think we have to be enlightened and leave our human egos behind, but that’s not the case. We do need to bring our human selves with us. This program is designed to work with the human aspects of ourselves as we awaken, as we start to evolve and forgive ourselves and move into a state of love and self-devotion, as we birth and remember.

So, the overall idea is to expand this information out to more people throughout the world?
CD: Absolutely it is. The Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy is at a new site, There are free downloads where you can click and explore the Enlightenment Academy. And on YouTube we offer some little experiences of what the class would be like, so people can go and explore it and feel if it’s right for them.

Please continue with Part Two of this interview.

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  1. I wish you were in the UK and I could join one of your Pleiadian seminars! They sound fascinating. I have only just recently heard of you – do wish I had done so long ago but am attempting to raise up to the 5th dimension with reading many books and articles by people like yourself and David K Miller.
    I wish you well in your work and will try to keep in touch with your website now I have discovered you.
    Love and light


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