Animal Communication: A Primer for Beginners

We are all born with the ability to communicate intuitively with our own and other species. Our society today teaches us to use verbal and written languages, body language and to use our five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Therefore, we lose touch with our sixth sense, intuition.

Almost everyone can recall a time where they had a “gut” feeling, or perhaps a feeling of “knowing,” when someone is staring at you when you cannot see the person. That is intuition, another sense that helps us filter and process what is in our environment.

Animal communication is telepathic communication between humans and animals using intuition that involves the transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, sensations and pure knowing.

How it works
Having an open mind throughout the session provides for an optimal experience. The sessions themselves can be done in person, by phone or even email. After the connection is made between the animal and animal communicator and a few key questions are answered, you can then ask your questions and discuss various topics:

  • Inquires can be specific or general in nature, but people are encouraged to ask questions without including personal interpretations or assumptions.
  • Letting the animal speak freely will usually get most honest answers.
  • Commonly asked questions include those related to behavior, emotional and physical issues.
  • Sensitive topics are also discussed, such as ways to encourage and gain closure with those that have passed on.

What to expect
Each case is unique and every situation is handled based on the personality and emotional state of the animal. Like us, animals can change their mind, have difficulty addressing a topic or try to skirt the issue at hand. They do not lie, but there are some sneaky animals out there that have certainly figured out a way around the truth! They also have varying personalities that play a part in how and what information is communicated — some shy, several bold, others detail-oriented and many free spirits.

For you as an animal lover, direct telepathic communication will boost your understanding, joy and richness in relationships with your animal companions!



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