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I have to admit that it was a trip getting through Dolores Cannon’s new book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth [read interview online]. I did so on the advice of longtime friend Ralph Wolf of Mason City, IA, who emailed me that he had already read half the book and considered it a significant piece of work.

I have read several of the many books in which Dolores has reported on actual case studies of hypnotherapy sessions. She uses a unique technique to delve deeply into the “Superconscious” and retrieve information beyond this reality. And if that weren’t enough, her technique includes a healing component, an immediate restoration of the body to health, even for those who suffer from life-threatening conditions.

During sessions, some of her clients describe themselves as light beings before they came into human form. They describe crystal cities and holodecks. They talk of space travel and what we would call alien abductions…but what they call our willing participation in scientific research.

And while under hypnosis, speaking from past lifetimes off of this planet, clients express the concern of members of interstellar councils about the monumental transformation now underway on Earth. They say extraterrestrial beings are jumping at the chance to be born into a human body…now…at this very time in Earth’s history, to witness the vibrational shift taking place on this planet firsthand.

I’m aware that for many casual readers of The Edge, it may be too far out there to suggest that ETs are being born into human bodies in order to save the planet, and that people are being cured of cancer by their own “Superconscious” selves.

But what is science fiction for some people is reality for others. Some find it comforting to read books or attend lectures and receive confirmation that they indeed are multi-dimensional beings living a human existence. Some people find that information reported by Dolores Cannon and others helps to answer questions and explain feelings that are surfacing from the depths of their being.

The beauty of life on Earth is that each of us, a fragment of God, creates an experience of life that is so profoundly personal – and yet, one that is always connected to All That Is. While we don’t all believe in the same things, we share more than we know in common.

An eternal optimist, I hope that what Dolores is writing about, essentially, is an awakening of humanity. After a deep sleep, a self-induced coma perhaps, humankind is opening its eyes and is beginning to recognize the love that connects its parts.

When tornados destroy homes and floods swallow cities, people respond with love and generosity. They pull together and share their resources to help the disenfranchised to rebuild their lives. On 9/11, an entire nation came together as one.

I believe that’s what Earth needs now from us. Oneness. A shared commitment to assist those in harm’s way. Open hearts.

In the end, I sit in my body and you sit in yours. Together, we ride this planet as it revolves, and in this moment, we can choose how we want to proceed.

With fear? With hope? In love.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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