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Dolores Cannon’S latest book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth (Ozark Mountain Publishing), reveals that since the two atomic bomb explosions in Japan in 1945, three distinct groups of souls representing beings from across the universe have been volunteering to be birthed as humans so they can uplift the frequencies of Earth and help prevent a global catastrophe.

  • The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s , these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.
  • The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.
  • The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.

In this concluding Part 2 of her interview with The Edge, Dolores continues the discussion of how the Universe is responding to an ailing planet Earth.

This new book and many of your other books talk about the fact that humanity on planet Earth was seeded from more advanced civilizations in the Universe, just like we would seed plants and watch them grow, but it seems like something has gone wrong with the growing project here on Earth.

Dolores Cannon: That’s just people creating problems. There’s nothing gone wrong with the seeding. Because when they seeded the Earth, they said, “Let’s give this beautiful planet a creature with intelligence and knowledge and free will and see what he does with it.”

We’re the only planet in the Universe that has free will, and along with that is the Star Trek directive that is not fiction: the Law of Non-Interference. Once you have created a civilization, and have given it free will, you cannot interfere with the development of the civilization. So they have to just sit back and watch what we’re going to do with free will and how we run our world. Everything we do is our own doing, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

I like the discussions in your new book about the Prime Directive, because on one hand it seems like even the small step of sending volunteers onto the planet could be some mild form of interference.

DC: I explain that very carefully: It is them giving us an advancement. Every time Earth has needed another advancement, it has arrived.

Down through history, when the creators were living among the people as they were developing the planet, they lived for so long that the people considered them to be gods. That’s where the gods of theories and legends came from. Every culture in the world has a legend of the culture-bringer, such as the Corn Woman of the Indians, the different ones who bring them the next advancement in their civilization, and this has been down through time.

Now that we have so many people on the Earth, they can’t live among us, so they put the idea out into the atmosphere. They don’t care who invents it, as long as it’s invented in the timeline.

I asked them, “Isn’t that interference, to give us these advancements that we need?”

They said, “No, it’s a gift we give you one time, and then what you do with it is free will.” And they said, “Most of the time what you do with it is not what we intended for you to do with it. You turn it around, turn it into a weapon or something.”

And I said, “Well then, can’t you come and tell them they are not doing it correctly?”

They said, “No, that is interference.”

That’s the difference. And that’s why they had to step in with these volunteers, because at the end of World War II they saw that we had discovered atomic power and we invented the atomic bomb.

I said, “Well, we do use it for positive. We use it for electrical power.”

And they said, “No, it was not as it was intended to be because it was invented as a weapon. That way it will always have this aura of negativity.”

We were not supposed to get it at that time. They knew we couldn’t handle it, that we could destroy the world with it.

There are councils that oversee everything in the universe, using rules and regulations. Nothing is by chance. They went back to the councils and they said, “What are we going to do? We can’t interfere.” They came up with this brilliant plan. “Well, we can’t interfere from the outside, but maybe we can influence from the inside.” This is when they asked for the volunteers to come in to help Earth. Earth is in trouble – who wants to come and help? So all these new, pure souls that have never been caught on the wheel of karma have come into body. Hundreds of thousands of them have come in since the end of World War II.

They told me, “Now we have tipped the balance,” and they think we are going to be able to save the Earth. It’s not interference.

A comment was made by the superconscious aspect of a client in the new book that said, “I would say God be with you, but we are all God, and we are all One, so we are all together all the time.” What have you learned over the years about the concept of God and the concept that we are all One.

DC: That’s what I lecture on. The basis of all my work is that we are all God, that we all came from God in the beginning and we can never be separate from Him. We think we’re alone, but we’re never, ever alone. We are all part of God and we are Him. We are God. People don’t realize the power they have. They can do anything. Nothing is impossible. They said many, many times that there are no limitations. You just have to know what you want to do and set out and do it. Once you realize how powerful you are, because if you’re all God, then you can do anything.

You have written extensively about the transformation of the planet, that as its vibration rises, a New Earth will emerge. Is there a general guideline that you can point to to tell somebody whether or not they are on the right path to being part of the New Earth?

DC: I tell people at the lectures that if they are interested in these kinds of things, then they are on the right path. There are a lot of people who are so deep into negativity that they don’t want to change. They like the negativity. They like the drama and all the things that are going on. They are the ones that are not going to go. But that’s okay, we’ll all get there eventually anyway.

The key is that you cannot change the frequency and the vibration of the body too quickly, because it would destroy the body. It has to be done gradually.

But the ones who are into negativity, they will stay with what they created. They can’t change that quickly. But, it’s all right. They are where they are supposed to be. You’re not supposed to worry about them. You’re supposed to think about yourself now and moving into the future and doing the very best you can. If someone else is into negativity, that’s their thing to work out. We can’t work out anybody else’s problems for them.

What have you learned lately about the New Earth that you didn’t know before?

DC: It’s an ongoing process of questioning, because people at my lectures are always asking so many questions. When I ask about that during sessions, they’ll say, “We can’t tell you everything, because we don’t know what’s going to happen. We can’t answer all your questions because we don’t know. This is the first time it’s ever happened in the history of a universe that an entire planet is going to change vibration and frequency and move into another dimension.”

So, they’re not really sure what’s going to happen, but it’s the greatest show on Earth. All of the ETs and all the beings from the other planets are all watching us from out there. They all want to see if we are going to be able to pull this off. It’s so important and it’s never been done before.

In my new book I’m working on now, The Convoluted Universe: Book Four, I include more information since The Three Waves was written. I keep coming with more information, little bits and pieces. The New Earth is a concept we don’t really know because it’s an amazing process that has never happened before. It’s extremely important.

What information are you personally interested in learning more about at this time?

DC: I just head directly to whatever comes as I am working. I have so much information, enough for three books. I decided to pull out the information about the three waves because that was what I was lecturing on, what everybody was interested in, but there’s tons of other information that I have to figure out where to put it. Every time I do a session, we get some more information on some of this, but that’s my job. I’m the reporter, the researcher, the investigator of lost knowledge. It is my job to get it back and bring it forth in our time. So, I’m interested in whatever comes from the next client.

I’m curious about the people you are teaching to do what you do. Are they learning to be reporters just like you are?

DC: I am teaching this all over the world. I have trained more than 2,000 people. On this trip I’m on right now we’ve already taught 150 people, and we’re teaching more and more and more. I had 91 students at a class in Perth in Australia.

We set up a support group for my students so they can contact us and let us know if they’re having any problems, so we’re following their progress. They are experiencing the same miracles that I am experiencing. They are able to have the instantaneous healing. They are learning how to do it, and I’m really proud of all these students all over the world. Not everyone who takes the class is going to go and do it, but the ones we hear from are having dramatic results. So I found out that my technique IS teachable, and others can do the same things that I do.

You describe in your book healings that take place related to particular issues that the client has asked about. The superconscious apparently responds that there is a healing that can be done to help remedy a situation. Do you know more about how that process works?

DC: It’s amazing, and this is done with everybody we see.

First we have to find out the cause, because clients make themselves sick. Everybody does. You’re not supposed to ever be sick. You’re not supposed to have any aches or pains. If you have any symptoms at all, the body is trying to give you a message, and you have to figure out what the message is. Once we do that in the session, you learn whether it came from a past life or this life, why you made yourself sick, and it goes away instantly.

I’ve had people come to my office in Arkansas from all over the world with all kinds of illnesses. I see lots of cancer patients. A lot of people come who are scheduled for surgery. If we can get them before they have the surgery, they don’t need it. That’s the beauty of this. It is instant, and to me it’s very gratifying to see the person walk out completely cured.

I see when the superconscious is working on them, because it works with white light energy, shooting it through the body to the affected places. I can see the body jumping and jerking as the current goes through them. It is miraculous, because it heals instantly.

That’s the main reason that I’m teaching people how to do this, and I’m working all over the world. That’s why I travel so much, to go to these countries to teach more and more people. The healing aspect is the greatest part of my work, I think. I like to write about the information, but I really like to do the healing. Remember, I am not doing it, the client’s superconscious is doing it. I’m just the facilitator. I found how to allow it to come through so the person can heal themselves. So, it’s a very fascinating process.

Do you think in time that there will be a way for a person to do this whole process of healing through the superconscious without the need to visit someone like you?

DC: I used to say this is the therapy of the future, but now they’re telling me that it’s a therapy of now. People don’t understand the power of their minds. That’s why you can have anything you want. You can create anything you want. There is no limitation, so this also relates to illness.

So, yes, there will be a time, and people are already learning how to do it on themselves, but right now, because I work in the deepest possible level of trance, they need someone to ask the questions because they can’t do it themselves or they would fall asleep if they go that deep. For now, it’s better to have someone to ask them the questions and work with them to go through the process.

Of all the information that you present in the new book, what would you love to share with every single person on the planet right now?

DC: I think we’ve been talking about it. We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth, and it’s going to be extremely beautiful. They have described it in the books – the beautiful colors, that everything is total love.

We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now. The New Earth is where it’s at. The Bible in the Book of Revelations talks about the New Heaven and the New Earth. That’s the same thing we’re having now. It’s just that St. John, when he had the vision on the Isle of Pathos, didn’t realize it was going to take another couple of thousand years before it was going to happen.

The most important thing is that we are living in the most important time in the history of the universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this – even if they can just be here for a few hours. They say even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, “I was there when this occurred.” This is how important this is to the entire Universe. So, you’re living in a very wonderful time that will never be repeated again.

Are there any specific directives for people to make the most of this experience living here now, in terms of meditation or diet or mindfulness?

DC: Meditation is very good because it relaxes the body and it helps the body a great deal, and they have told us many times about the diet. If you’re going to move into this other dimension, the body has to become lighter, so you stay away from the heavy meats that pull you down, especially beef and pork.

They say the best diet is live foods – fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible. You can have some chicken or fish, because they are lighter. But, stay away from sugar and to drink lots and lots of water. They said the value of water is beyond belief.

They said we are going to find more and more people who are going to be drinking liquid diets. When I mention that on my radio show, people will say, “I wondered why I’ve been wanting to have more smoothies.”

After we’ve been on the New Earth quite a while, we won’t need to eat anything at all, so we’re going that direction. Lots of people at the lectures ask, “Do I have to die to go to the New Earth?” No. You’ll take your physical body with you. This is a gradual process. You won’t even realize when it happens. It’s not just going to be bam and then you’re there. It’s a gradual process – and then way, way, way down the road, we will turn into beings of light.

What are the most common questions you get at your lectures?

DC: They always want to know, “What about my family, my husband, my children, are they going to go, too? How can I be sure they’re going to go?” You can’t. You never know another person, no matter how much you think you know them. You don’t know what their plan was when they came into this world. I tell people that each of us has to make up our own mind if we’re going to go or if we’re going to stay. We can’t do it for someone else.

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    Our 3D world, with its limitations and fear has given us the tools. Thank you!!

    People like Dolores Cannon have helped to open our minds and allow reality to reveal itself.


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