Collaboration: Healing Through Circles


I believe that collaboration is the key in the unfolding of a new paradigm of spiritual awakening. Harmony Green and I met through kismet: not, but the social networking site facebook. Harmony noticed my post: “Who wants to host a poetry salon?” She hosted me at All About the Journey and the success of that salon led us to collaborating.

Both Harmony and I are healers, but our gifts and our methods are uniquely individual. By braiding our gifts together, we create a more powerful and whole experience.

One of the gifts we have in common is our intuition. Both of us believe that writing is a direct connection to the deepest truths within, and we heal by accessing our inner guidance. Harmony uses the tools of intuitive guidance, channeling and energy work for those who seek healing. She acts as a liaison for those who are ready to be guided to the answers they already possess. I work in a similar way, using poetry and spontaneous timed writing to access the intuitive part of the brain. I think of myself as a tour guide. A safe space of vulnerability is created through sharing my story and being supportive of you owning yours.

I am lucky to have inherited from Natalie Goldberg the idea that writing is a spiritual practice and free associative writing can quiet the critical left brain in order to delve into what has resonance for us, what is juicy and has energy, what needs to be told or what we resist. I encourage those who wish to continue writing. I help writers find ways to break through writer’s block or writer’s reluctance. I also encourage writers to persist if they have a dream of being published. But mostly I allow the Muse, the spirit of creativity and inspiration, to enter the dialogue.

As Harmony explains, a mentor is a person with experience, wisdom and value to share or teach to another person. She says, “This can be a process, a belief or a technique.” Her goal in the Harmonic Mentorship Program is to offer a way for spiritual collaboration to be melded to mentoring. She teams up with her clients to assist them in allowing healing for themselves.

A collaboration is a dialogue — and so is mentoring. So often I find inspiration in those I am mentoring as I listen to their revelations and am challenged by their questions. In a circle, those revelations connect us to each other as we discover commonality and find the courage to speak from our authenticity. In the classwomb, we birth ourselves. Harmony is a midwife with a deep heart of compassion. I am delighted that we can share our passions and walk our paths together.

To paraphrase Clarissa Pinkoles Estes, what these times require is all hands on deck. When we look between two mirrors, the images reflect into infinity. Isn’t that who we want to be?

Wendy Brown-Báez and Harmony Green will present The Care for Your Soul writing workshop on Mondays, September 19 – October 24, at All About the Journey, 5354 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more information, visit or Email [email protected] or call 612.354.2149

Harmony Green is an ordained minister, intuitive healer, channel and spiritual doula/counselor. She created the Minneapolis  healing center All About the Journey so people of the community would have a place to learn about, develop and grow their path-sion, the art of discovering the path you are to walk in this life and living that path with passion. Visit

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Wendy Brown-Báez is the creator of Writing Circles for Healing. Wendy is the author of the writers’ guidebook Heart on the Page: A Portable Writing Workshop, a novel Catch a Dream, and the poetry books Ceremonies of the Spirit and transparencies of light. Her poetry and prose appear widely in literary journals and anthologies. She facilitates creative writing and memoir in community spaces such as healing centers, schools, libraries, cafes, prisons, churches, women’s retreats, yoga studios and arts organizations. Wendy is a community editor with the Saint Paul Almanac and a member of the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop. Visit



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