Helping You Heal: An interview with Annette Bruchu


Annette Bruchu was gifted early in life with an opportunity to explore two of the Earth’s most basic elements: water and stone. The Minnesota native grew up in a home built near a rock quarry. A stream ran through the property, and as a young girl, Annette spent time playing with the stones, with the water, and in the process she discovered a connection with herself.

She now is an intuitive healer who, in concert with a group of other healers, assists people in connecting with their true selves, their intuition and wellness. At the Helping YOU Heal Center in Stillwater, MN, she and others offer their healing touch and intuitive gifts, and in doing so, they bring balance to themselves.

Annette says her upbringing was a spark that inspired the woman she would become.

“My entire childhood was indirectly guided towards the metaphysical world because of where I grew up,” she says. “I believe that stones and water are two of the earth’s elements that are simple, but yet powerful, sources of energy that aid in our awakening and inner understanding. Because of this environment, I was fortunate to discover the gift of metaphysics at an early age. I was able to actually liberate the gift in the early stages of my life.”

Her path toward healing was not unique, for many holistic practitioners are raised believing that traditional careers are the only option.

“I once thought that I had to be successful in a traditional career to serve a purpose,” she says, “but I soon learned that helping others to achieve their success — whether it be through physical or emotional healing, success in their relationships or guiding them in awakening their gifts — was my purpose.”

She felt an inner desire to connect with and help others. The healing came easy, and soon her clients responded to it and began to heal. “I felt good as a result. This feeling not only inspired me to continue to help people, but it also helped me to realize that this was the work I was supposed to be doing.”

The result is the wide array of services, classes and events she now offers at the Helping YOU Heal Center at 1775 Industrial Blvd. in Stillwater. Private healing sessions. Personal intuitive readings. Healing and intuition blended in a single session to promote balance. Foot ionizations to promote healing. Energy massage. Aura photos to show the energy coming from you. Other healing – Reiki, Qigong, Healing Touch, Craniosacral and Myofascial Unwinding, and much more – is offered by a collective group of energy healers who collaborate with her.

And she offers a variety of classes:

  • Intuition Tuesday — Going strong now for more than four years, this class is from 7-9 p.m. and is open to the general public with no registration required. The fee is $15.
  • Interactive Thursday – Offering more of a hands-on approach, the public is invited to drop in to take part in mind exercises, meditation and activities to promote more insight from 7-9 p.m. The fee is $15.

“Everyone has inner knowing, but not everyone listens to it or trusts it,” Annette says. “When your inner knowing awakens, you begin to see and hear the energies around you. And when you talk to them, they hear you. It’s exhilarating when you finally get it. For those who don’t hear or feel it, it can be an inner annoyance, because the knowledge arrives in bits and pieces or messages that don’t make sense. That’s when people call me.”

Annette also offers classes on ghosts, workshops on crystal healing and gallery reading evenings where everyone’s questions get answered.

She says these challenging times require us to be gentle with ourselves and to follow our intuition related to what we do and the people with whom we spend our time.

“The way we start our day often determines the tone for that day,” she says, “so it is important to allow yourself to wake gracefully. You may want to wake to a gentle meditation CD, some favorite music or the sounds of nature. Do your best to enter the day on your terms. It may not always be possible, but make it happen when you can.

“Let your body live. Your body has normal, everyday functions like breathing. Take time to breathe. Fill those lungs with air and do it often. It’s free! When possible, surround yourself with people who make you feel good. There will always be people who are on this planet to ruin the moments in your day. After they are gone, it’s your day again.”

Contact Annette Bruchu at 612.247.9719, email [email protected] and visit

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