It’s time to come out as the loving souls that we are

One can only admire Lake Harriet Spiritual Community’s effort to rebrand itself as the “Center for Conscious Living” for the Twin Cities. Of course, it always was so, but who really knew? This move will not only focus LHSC internally to create events that attract a conscious-seeking, mainstream public, but it will help remove whatever mystique may have prevented people from visiting the community before now.

As much as they may pride themselves for being open and accepting, holistic groups tend to speak a language that is not always understood by new arrivals, and newcomers may feel intimidated by the tight-knit clan already in place.

And individually, many holistic types don’t like to make waves. They are sensitive to criticism and judgment, so they tend to keep to themselves and avoid setting themselves up to be burned at the stake. The fear of reaction is what stops many of us from stepping out of the closet and allowing the full expression of our souls to be seen.

The key is knowing that the public is seeking a more holistic way of life – through spirituality, healing, natural products, and a natural perspective in this all-too processed world.

The key is collaboration, exactly what Lake Harriet and other groups are doing. By partnering with more mainstream neighbors, it allows groups to embrace values they share in common. Seek ways for everyone to come out a winner. Collaboration  is the key to the evolution of consciousness in the 21st century.



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