Lost and Found


When I found myself without money,
I learned to share myself.
When I lost my house,
I became a traveler.
When I lost my parents,
Mother Earth and Father Sky gave me a Family.
When I found myself without a child,
I re-parented myself.
When I lost my job,
I created my calling.
When I found myself without beliefs,
I learned compassion.
When I lost my direction,
I found my Way.


  1. “Soul Coach” is the category that Reality had to create for Judith! Combining wisdom, humor, and uncanny intuition born out of her years of study and actual practice in multitudes of disciplines, she is simply the most effective facilitator of Shift I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her calm and complete acceptance of me (and herself), is a contagious miracle that I’ve seen for myself, and in my relationships with my life partner and my son as well.

    Thanks for Everything, Judith, and blue-skies and Blissings to you!


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