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What’s funny about spirituality? Having studied metaphysics since 1982, it’s become clear to me that it’s all a cosmic joke. As a matter of fact, I’ve been reminded from the other side that the first thing we hear when we leave these bodies is laughter.

The spirit realm, at least the flow that I’m from, sees it as hilarious that we are brilliantly powerful spirits, hiding behind veils of unworthiness, guilt, doubt and fear, groveling like chickens, when we’re capable of soaring like eagles.

My first spiritual teacher, Alan Cohen, wrote, “A Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” It was my bible for many years. As I would fall into my “stinkin’ thinkin,” I could let the text fall open and it would remind me that in this moment I have everything I need. He would share stories about his crazy, stubborn ego, which helped me know I wasn’t alone.

In ’99, I began seeking truths through channelings. I wasn’t totally willing to trust my own intuitive knowings, yet at the same time, I was tired of paying egos to tell me to do it their way. Being a loyal follower, Abraham-Hicks repeatedly reminded me that “we can’t get it wrong and never get it done, so why not be easy about it?” They also shared funny stories about how Esther, the channeler, would hang onto resistance, in her personal life, creating temporary struggle and misery.

I’ve been crying rivers of tears since mental pause hit and I’m now ready to laugh. Becoming a professor of Laughter Yoga has convinced me of the major physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of releasing resistance through laughter. It’s not mandatory to make strange faces at each other in order to do so, however. People have laughed at me this whole incarnation. Unfortunately, I took them personally, becoming indignant about how nobody will ever take me seriously.

I now know that I speak from my heart, which is foreign to most humans. Besides that, this compassionate universe provides me with endless humor every day. For instance, when I began speaking about this idea on Facebook, a representative from a “spiritual” organization responded with, “Let’s talk about this for our facility.” I informed her that a friend and I had indeed attempted that last fall and were met with much resistance. My inner Pollyanna couldn’t leave it at that, so I emailed, asking to go for coffee and laugh about starting one there. The reply I received was, “I’m way too busy to consider anything like that.”

It’s funny! I consider myself a graduate of the “school of hard knocks.” Most “spiritual” institutions are still cerebral, totally missing the boat about how we’re One Tribe with all that we need in our heart of hearts.
The frosting on the cake is that Hanakia Zedek likes the idea. I’ve been wanting to create together for years. For me it’s like the cereal commercial, “Hey Mikey, he likes it.”

Hanakia and I will be at the Living Waters Cafe, laughing over a delicious, organic meal from 7-9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 12. Consider joining us.

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Connie Gundy
Connie Gundy is a spiritual teacher, healing minister and laughter coach, with a background in nursing and addiction counseling.


  1. Hi Connie,

    I have been trying to take a peek around the veil since entering my mental pause..I have come to a very similar conclusion about spirituality. Laughter is key. when you consider that many organized religions claim to be based on Love, then kill people that don’t believe what they do. Or religious sects that strangle the life out of people with fear. People that are not allowed to dance, sing, have sex…women are not permitted to be real humans by many of these religions. (personally) I would not last very long because I have trouble maintaining seriousness, I might be given some excessively ridiculous task to perform and start making jokes about the task and start laughing uncontrollably. Then someone would yell, “Off with her head!.” I have created my own religion,(in my mind) based on humor and I have decided that what my religion is lacking is a holy book preferably hand written on a scroll. When you’re ready please allow me to participate in the production of the manuscript. I’m not sure where the Living Waters cafe is but I hope that you get to share giggles with many.

    your friend,



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