The Cutting Edge of Your Life


It might appear over obvious, even trite, to say that each moment is the cutting edge of your life. It’s actually a profoundly awakened level of awareness, evidenced in Eckhart Tolle’s expression “the power of now.”

As we continue the acceleration in our collective evolution of consciousness, this awareness will become more normal and accessible. The awareness of “presence” comes when we stop running the common interference patterns called “past” and “future.” To be consumed by the past, in regrets and resentments, or the future, in anxiety and fear, is to give away this power – your power.

All of the work of any “spiritual path” comes down to a very simple practice. Be aware of what is real and focus your attention on this reality. This is where your personal power arises, out of the vortex within you, your energetic body, as you allow it to do so. The whole notion of “personal power” points to the alignment of your consciousness with the vast power of eternity.

We have wrestled over many millennia trying to understand this concept of “eternity.” We have made up many ideas about it, often cemented into beliefs and religions, wreaking all kinds of havoc. The simple truth is that the eternal is what is real, in that what is real never changes…it simply is.

Beauty, truth and love, three of the principle aspects of eternity, truly have no opposite. The universal intelligence, whispering through your soul, is always calling you to “look closer,” and you will see these radiant aspects of eternity in everything, everywhere, with no exceptions. Beauty is eternal. It exists always and everywhere. But you have the choice whether to witness this eternal aspect of life, compared to the egoic condition of seeing beauty as a conditional element of a judging mind.

We are being called, individually and collectively, to see with the eyes of the “spiritual mind.” With these eyes we see the “one thing” in everything. We see the shimmering radiance of divine energy everywhere, not impeded by conditions and circumstances. We accept the conditional human egoic reality, but we are not limited by this level of thinking.

You are called to bring this light of awareness to your world, to literally become a light in this world. As a very ancient sage, Confucius, said “Rather than curse the darkness, light a candle.” This practice of walking in the world bringing this light of consciousness is your ticket into paradise. As a core phrase from A Course in Miracles states: “Heaven is here. There is no other place. Heaven is now. There is no other time.”

As I reflect on my nearly 60 year circle of life, I see “my” journey as truly representative of an aspect of “our” journey. There has been this “one thing” going on since the beginning of our collective evolution in time and space. It is incredibly exciting and fun when we see and feel our role as integral to the whole. This brings a great sense of meaning and value to one’s life and experience. Here is where we find the endless wellspring of enthusiasm, living, as it were, on the “cutting edge” of existence itself.

How is this experience for you? Can you see this “cutting edge” in its relentless desire for expression through you? Is it possible that your life can become a whirling dervish dance of delight? Living on the cutting edge of your life, living with the awareness of presence, being aware of your spiritual function, is how to live “whole, happy and free.” Claim this for yourself…NOW!

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Louis Bourgeois
Louis Bourgeois is a spiritual teacher, writer and co-founder of OASIS Center for Conscious Living. He has spent previous summers in Stillwater, MN, and will be leaving the United States in October as he ventures to Peru and Ecuador, sharing principles for consciously living in harmony with the new earth we are creating. Read more at


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