The Dream of the Magical Theatre


The tale of the Magical Theatre made its appearance in an extraordinary dream that at first seemed too fantastic to be real. But, the dream came with such power that I was forced to begin dismantling the belief that I was alone and somehow out of favor with God. As I explored my sense of separation with new awareness, I discovered that I could not recognize the infinite nature of my being and the deepest truth about myself until I first unequivocally accepted the omnipresence of the Divine. When I unconditionally embraced the Great Mystery I knew beyond a doubt that I was so much more than my painful emotions and far more than my physical body.

With those new understandings, I began to re-establish my authenticity. I began to reveal the false beliefs and heal the wounds that arose from the depths of the legendary myth of my imperfection. By assuming complete accountability for my life and accepting my irrevocable link with the Divine, authority for defining my role in the Magical Theatre was restored. I had broken the spell of enchantment and began to create a satisfying and masterful life that reflected the vastness of my true nature. Through the miracles brought forth by the dream I put away my lingering doubts and the truth of my nature was finally catapulted from an intellectual concept to a powerful spiritual knowing. I remembered.

There are as many paths to awakening as there are humans who follow them. This story is about the path I have taken. Your path will no doubt differ slightly, or terrifically, and it will be defined by its singularly. Our ways may be different or seem contradictory, but that is not a matter of any urgency. We are of the same essence. The differences that appear to distinguish us are only a reflection of the roles we have chosen to play in the enchantment. So I simply offer you my experience as a guide — not a new set of rules — to the choices that may still await you.

Your life is your play. It is your personal production, therefore, only you can decide in the deepest place of truth what is needed and what is not. To begin your discovery, you must honestly determine if you have cast yourself in a lesser role than the one you came to play. More than likely you have answered yes. This is not the time for despair, the truth is liberating. Knowing you are the power behind your choices also means you have the ability to change it all any time you choose.

I will share what I have learned from my own experience. If you add that information to your own individual discoveries, you will find yourself better prepared to awaken to the truth of your being.

Of course, it is really no great mystery that you are reading this now. If you look back on your life, you can witness the seamless chain of events that brought you to the turning of the first page and this moment. To pick up this teaching in the first place, you must have suspected that something in your life was amiss. Perfect! That is exactly the awareness you need to discover the extraordinary truth about who you are. You may think your uneasiness began with some painful experience — the lost job, the lost love, the lost life. Pain is often the shrill ring of a wake-up call; but in truth, the seeds of your discontent were likely sown long ago.

Whether a deeper knowing resonates in your heart or you are being compelled to read this out of the urgency of your life, I ask you to take a leap of faith. For now, put aside whatever drama you’re presently starring in and come play backstage with me so we can more closely study the design of the theatre. You can always return to your role, picking up precisely where you left off. As far as I can tell there is nothing to lose that isn’t lost already. On the other hand, you have everything to regain.

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Gini Gentry
Accomplished inspirational speaker and workshop leader Gini Gentry worked side-by-side with world-renowned Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz for fourteen years. During this time, she earned the title of Nagual Woman, the female spiritual leader of the Toltec Eagle Knight Lineage. She served as content editor and marketing consultant for his New York Times best-selling book The Four Agreements. Gini is the author of the amazon bestseller Dreaming Down Heaven, and she is a principal in the forthcoming film Dreaming Heaven, which documents a recent spiritual journey she led to Teotihuacan, Mexico. Gini’s lifetime calling has been to create a standard of spiritual evolution through self-responsibility and loving interaction with all of creation.


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