The Sexual Alignment Initiation


The Sexual Alignment Process, intended to assist people in aligning their sexuality with your heart and the Light of the Self, is a series of light initiations that take place over the course of two and a half days – September 16-18 – in the Twin Cities.

Each initiation is connected to and builds on the previous one. This opens flow through the light bodies and physical body and allows for resurrection and rejuvenation energies to be fed throughout the body. The initiations work in the areas of the heart, spine, neck, head and the entire body, opening an illumination point in the back of the skull. The process works with the male and female alignment within the individual, as well as creative expression and Unity consciousness.

This work is useful for people who have suffered sexual abuse in this or past lifetimes, and people who have “let go” of their personal power due to this life or past-life experiences. People with spinal injury and or disease and all people on their journey to the enlightened state can use this work to accelerate spiritual growth.

For more information and registration, call Joanne at 651.452.2895, email [email protected] or visit

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