The Soul Solution


Have you ever wondered if you have a soul? And why, if it exists, and it is yours, you can’t seem to find it? Even if you haven’t asked yourself these questions, wouldn’t you like to know?

Not only is it possible for to connect with your soul, doing so leads to deep peace and true happiness. Everything in the universe is in a state of motion, evolving into some state other than where it is at the present time. You arrived at where you are now through a process that will continue unfolding, expanding, and revealing continuous levels of experience well out into the future.

The soul already has all the qualities that anyone could desire, and by feeling connected with the soul it is possible to bring these qualities into everyday experience, while at the same time initiating a correlative process that dissolves everything that wouldn’t be wanted.

What interferes with experiencing our soul on a continuous basis are the many filters through which we experience life. What we normally think we are is an accumulation of all our perceptions, conclusions, beliefs, reactions, memories and ideas, as well as all the roles we have played utilizing our talents and skills. These comprise our personality, which is like an overlay that masks the true reality of our soul – which lies beneath it all. And yet, these overlays or identities are so compelling that we convince ourselves they are who we are and we lose touch with our deeper reality.

In a true sense, people are already connected with their soul, and they can often know and feel the connection when they are attracted to whatever is beautiful, profound, creative, loving, peaceful and fulfilling, whether through people, activities or nature. You also see the soul reflected in the relentless pursuit of perfection often found in scientists, musicians, artists, athletes, authors, actors, and all others who seek to attain a higher potential. So the soul is present in human experience even if it is not always recognized.

A Soul Meditation
Let’s begin the journey to your soul through a meditation. You will want to arrange yourself to be as comfortable as possible. I would suggest you do this when you won’t be disturbed or have anything else to do.

When you are prepared, settle in and start with a comfortable deep breath in through your nose and imagine you are also breathing in golden light through the top of your head. As you exhale feel yourself relaxing and absorbing the peace and light into every muscle, organ, and nerve…from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. Breathe in light into every cell. Do this for one minute.

Read the following slowly to yourself and allow yourself to deepen the process into your entire body. Say to your heart: I send you all the love of my soul. Say to your body: I embrace you with all the love of my heart and soul.

Invite the soul’s love to merge into every muscle and nerve, and fill every cell and allow this love to become part of every atom and molecule of your being. Sense the relaxation and healing glow in your whole body and feel it spreading a radiant love all around you.

If there are any disturbances, distractions or issues on your mind, say to yourself, “I ask the light of my soul to fill all my thoughts and feelings about these situations. I send all my thoughts, memories and feelings the pure light and blessings of my soul.”

Feel a relaxed quality emerging through you as you welcome the peaceful soul presence. Say to yourself: “I allow the source of love to embrace my heart. I place my heart in the presence of my enlightened soul so that all may be healed.”

These statements are like prayers and intentions. They are requests of the deepest core of your soul where all goodness dwells. Allow yourself to deepen into the feelings of receiving the love, light and healing that lives in your heart.

Drink in the soul’s qualities and say, “Yes” with thanksgiving. Say, “Yes” to receiving peace, love and healing, and ask them to deepen within you.

I ask the presence of my soul to deepen in my awareness. I acknowledge the radiance of the soul all around and through me.

As always, express gratitude for your meditation. When you have finished with this process for this time, be sure to acknowledge yourself fully present and grounded in here and now.

The soul has a wonderful lightness, purity and softness. Notice how any issues that may have seemed strong and dominant are now held much more softly and the feelings of lightness and spaciousness replace any struggle.

The more time you spend with establishing and deepening your soul connection, the more you will feel its qualities and gifts. In the beginning the experience may be quite subtle, but with practice it becomes much more pronounced.

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