Walk-ins Welcome Conference


Author Ruth Montgomery was one of the first to coin the phrase “Walk-In”  in her book, Strangers Among Us, referring to a soul transformation. Walk-Ins are souls who enter a body when the original soul has either completed its task or development or has suffered a traumatic experience and is ready to move on.

It is believed that many Walk-Ins are now in body on Earth to assist the planet with its vibrational shift. Marilyn Harper and Adironnda & Company, through their collective guidance, are being directed to gather walk-ins, their family and friends together October 7-9 in Phoenix, AZ, for the debut Walk-Ins Welcome Conference.

Anyone attracted to the terms “walk-in,” “soul transformation” or “galactic being” are invited to this event that will educate, support and connect the walk-in experience. The conference will take place at Embassy Suites Phoenix North, and registration is at Adironndaspiritualhealer/walk-ins/ Special discounts on hotel rooms are available until September 7.

Those connected with the Walk-In experience say many such souls enter the body without conscious memory, and the adjustment can be jarring and detrimental for the person as well as family and friends. The Walk-ins Welcome Conference offers support to make the transition smoother.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Lenedra Carroll – Author of The Architecture of All Abundance, Lenedra is an artist, poet, author, entrepreneur, singer and philanthropist. She has also managed the career of her daughter, singer/songwriter Jewel.
  • bj King – World renowned mystic and artist, and intergalactic channel
  • Rev. Kari Chapman – Channel for the Archangel Michael, owner of Namaste Wisconsin
  • Leandra Murray – International Psychic, Opening to the Animal Oracle and the Symbols of Siddhi
  • David K. Miller – Founder of the Group of Forty, as directed by the Arcturians. He channels spiritual masters such as Sananda, Vywamus, the Arcturians, and the energies of the Archangels.
  • John Schulte – Channel, Exposing the Masters Within, Gateway 2011-2012 Activations and The Pass Process
  • Marilyn Harper of Adironnda & Company – Clear channel, award-wining speaker, integrational facilitator of spiritual healing
  • Kathleen Farrell and Chuck Cunningham – SoulTones, an experience of a vibrational, integrational concert utilizing crystal and Tibetan singing bowls

For more information, visit adironndaspiritualhealer.com/walk-ins/walk-ins-welcome-conference/



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