Holistic Profile: Life Coach Leigh Cohen Wyatt


FOR YEARS, CERTIFIED LIFE COACH LEIGH COHEN WYATT has helped clients achieve their goals, resolve emotional traumas and personal problems,and reach success in both their private and professional lives they never imagined possible. In today’s age of uncertainty where depression, foreclosures and distress are the norm, Leigh provides a nudge in the right direction along with the tools to get them moving toward their goals again.

Her services empower people to take control of their lives and achieve their professional dreams while maintaining a spirituality fulfilled life. Specifically, she shows them techniques to turn temporary failures into successes, thereby turning pain into a positive healing lesson.

“Not only do I encourage, motivate and inspire my clients, I supply the tools they need to escape the hardship they find themselves in,” said life coach Leigh Wyatt. “I have yet to see one individual not achieve tremendous progress and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help.”

She recently added details to her coaching website about her intuitive readings and coaching sessions. The site includes more information about arranging online, phone, and in person coaching sessions. While limited to the greater Minneapolis before, Leigh has now extended her coaching services to the entire country.

For more information about Leigh Cohen Wyatt Life Coaching, please visit her website (www.leighcohenwyatt.com), send her an email ([email protected]), or call her at 763.684.1453.

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