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Artists frequently face two major problems: predicting what subject matters will resonate with the buying public, and getting exposure for their finished pieces. By creating, business executive Lonny Kocina hopes to help starving artists – as well as budding art students – overcome those barriers to success.

Submitted photo for artists at to represent on canvas.

The concept is simple, and completely risk-free for consumers. You upload a favorite photo that you would like turned into a work of art, for example a pet, grandchild or a scene that evokes fond memories. Artists go to the site to find photos they feel inspired to translate into art. You may suggest a medium, such as oil or charcoal, but the artists are free to apply their own creativity. Once completed, the artist uploads a photo of their finished masterpiece, and sets the purchase price. While you are not obligated to buy the art, you have 60 days to decide if you want to purchase at the set price. If not, then the artist is free to sell it to someone else.

Throughout the years, Kocina also has privately pursued his own passion for creating one-of-a-kind paintings from cherished family photographs. Similarly, will enable others to own original artwork that holds deep significance to them.

“We’re storing millions of digital images, but very few are viewed, displayed and enjoyed as much as their printed predecessors,” says Kocina. “Rather than losing this vital piece of Americana that tangibly and emotionally links one generation to the next, I believe people will embrace the idea of having original art in their homes and offices. Art is basic human expression. In a time when we are surrounded by technology, it is soothing to gaze upon something creative that also carries personal meaning.”

Artist and business executive Lonny Kocina's offers this creation in response to the submitted photo

Kocina is excited by this concept. “The Internet is filled with untapped opportunity, and that’s how economies grow–from creating something out of nothing. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit of thinking up stuff that people end up wanting,” says Kocina. “The market here is gigantic–just think about the number of walls out there that could be filled with custom artwork instead of generic, mass-produced copies.”

In addition to bringing more visibility to experienced artists, Kocina adds that will be useful for students searching for subjects to help them complete classroom art requirements. “Throughout my adult life, I have actively sought to help young people achieve their dreams, whether it is through company internships or by volunteering my time to teach marketing at the local college. Because art is such a deeply personal passion for me, it is gratifying to finally have a means for helping artists establish and grow their careers.

“ will help conceive a tangible artistic history for a new generation, while creating income and – as important – exposure for the dedicated artists who are keeping these art forms alive,” says Kocina.

Lonny Kocina is founder and president of Media Relations, Inc., one of the top performance-based public relations firms in the country since its inception in 1988. Since the company started, it has grown to serve more than 1,000 businesses globally. Prior to founding Media Relations, Kocina held the position of marketing director with Investment Rarities Inc., a precious metals investment company with more than $4 billion in sales. He is the author of Media Hypnosis: Unleashing the Most Powerful Sales Tool on Earth, and Reach & Teach Product Promotion: Teaching Consumers to BUY.

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