The Ouija Board And Me


I am not a believer in the occult and the like.

However, several years ago I bought a large and unique Ouija Board at a yard sale. It was worn and looked quite old. It was not your Parker Brothers model. It did not have a planchette. I took it home and put it in the bottom of a trunk and forgot about it. I never used it.

One night I was listening to a late night talk show and heard several callers’ spooky stories of scary experiences with Ouija Boards. A friend told me how he had a Ouija Board, when as a child he and friends were playing with it in a darkened garage with candles on a hot summer day and it summoned up a cold breeze! They all got scared and ran away! This bothered me and I decided I did not want the so-called “Devil’s Window” around, and took the thing to a local store selling mystical and occult supplies and items, i.e. candles, incense, amulets and books on arcane subjects. On earlier visits I had noticed a collection of various Ouija Boards displayed on one of the walls of the store. The owner bought it for $5 and I was satisfied.

A few years passed and I continued to think about that Ouija Board and returned to the store to look at it. I admit I wondered if somehow the Ouija Board was somehow summoning me! This suspicion surprised and bothered me, as I considered myself a thoroughly rational person. The owner was not in the store, but the clerk told me the collection of Ouija Boards had been taken down and stored in the back room. If I returned when the owner was present he would show me the Ouija Board.

When I returned to the store a different clerk told me the collection had been sold to someone who lived in Wisconsin. The clerk also informed me that persons interested in psychic phenomena considered Ouija Boards to be clumsy tools, rather like striking up conversations with random persons at a bus stop and expecting to learn something.

I felt a sense of relief.

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Chester Clifton Graham
Chester C. Graham is a resident of Northfield, MN.


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