Waking to Unity


Some wake up easily while others need to be jarred out of sleep. New ways of thinking or paradigm shifts work in much the same way. Some take to them easily while others need a much more dramatic event to awaken them to a new idea.

The idea of Unity isn’t new or New Age. Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been people awake, aware and speaking this truth. The messengers have come from all parts of the world, in every century — and while some have been revered, many have died at the hands of those who didn’t wish to “wake up.”

Whether it is presented as the concept of “we all have a spark of God in us” or just that we are all sharing this physical existence, there have always been those who have tried to awaken others to our similarities what brings us together. For those of us still uncertain about this reality, our planet is giving us ample opportunity to open our awareness and wake up.

When a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado happens, our unity is brought into sharp focus. The playing field is leveled for everyone affected. It hits us all the same. We all feel loss, fear, sadness, and then eventually hope. We come together to help each other without thought to class, color or religion. We see people hurting and we help. It’s our natural instinct.

When it is nature, which is seemingly out of our control that has brought us tragedy, we waste very little time on anger and just get to helping each other. We can’t attack nature, or seek revenge on the wind. Instead our hearts open and stay that way. They don’t harden against anyone. All our energy is used for helping. It truly brings out the best in everyone. It’s horrible to have a disaster strike and destroy lives and homes, but it is beautiful to open our hearts to one another and help regardless of who they are.

Perhaps we shouldn’t fear the changes on the planet that are coming about in the form of dramatic events. We could look at them as an opportunity to practice unity, to love each other and care for each other under all circumstances. Perhaps Nature is waking us up to our true selves with a shake and a scare, but with a divine purpose: to open our hearts and learn Unity.

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