Edge Life Expo Preview: Children of the New Dawn


An interview with Insiah Beckman, Chanda Parkinson and Sunny Dawn Johnston on their upcoming seminar at Minneapolis Edge Life Expo

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and a greater focus on the evolution of human consciousness, children have always been a part of the conversation. The next generation. The ones who lead humanity forward. The ones who are born with innate gifts that synchronize perfectly with the challenges that lie in front of us.

Three highly intuitive teachers — Insiah Beckman, Chanda Parkinson and Sunny Dawn Johnston — will address the children of today, young people they consider “the most powerful beings on the planet,” during a special workshop intended for parents at the Minneapolis Edge Life Holistic Expo [www.edgelife.net] on November 19-20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1300 Nicollet Mall.

The expo also will feature keynote speakers (tickets include expo admission), more than 100 exhibitors, a bookstore, intuitive and psychic readings, free workshops and expert seminars — on health, wellness and spirituality. The event is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20. Admission to expo hall (includes free workshops) is $7, or $5 each for groups of two or more.

“A Powerful Spiritual Workshop for Parents of Today’s Children” will share what we need to know about children who are spiritually conscious and how to support them as they grow up. Participants will learn how to support the healthy development of these young souls and how to invoke spiritual protection for them from the angels and archangels. The public also will learn what the angels have to say about these children, who often are called “indigos” or “crystals,” based on qualities perceived in their auras.

The following is a conversation about the children of today, with the three spiritual teachers presenting this workshop:

Chanda Parkinson

What signs tell you that the children of today are the most powerful beings on the planet?
Chanda Parkinson: The intensity to their personalities is the first thing you can notice. They appear wise and often have a look in their eyes that tells you they understand more than they are able to let on. Often children of today are hyper-sensitive and empathic, so they have a difficult time keeping the world and what’s going on in it out. This affects their moods and behaviors tremendously.

Insiah Beckman: Most of the children of today, especially born in the last decade, are more conscious and aware, with special gifts of intelligence, insight, intuitiveness and psychic abilities. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to meet some of these bright shining stars of humanity in the work that I do. They come from all backgrounds – some from older parents, young parents, single households and different belief systems. These “Children of the New Dawn” are the way-showers, bringing in all the positive changes of love, harmony and balance to a system that has forgotten its origins of love and compassion.

Sunny Dawn Johnston: The energy that they are coming in with is much more clear. You can feel it in their energy. If you are a visual person, you can see it in their aura. For someone who is not sensitive, it feels like someone who knows their purpose here and is clear about that.

What I see in them is a knowingness of their journey — sometimes that is conscious, but it is absolutely clear energetically.

They are coming en masse to help shift our planet, to shift the energy, to shift the models that no longer work, whether that’s in government, education or health care. These kids are coming in with a really clear intention of being here on their journey and knowing what they need to do, but not necessarily being able to express it.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

How can parents better support these children as they interact in a culture that does not recognize their gifts?
Sunny Dawn Johnston: I think one of the best ways the parents can support them is by acknowledging it with them: You are gifted, you are special, you have talents, and you may not be like everyone else, but we’re not supposed to be. We’re supposed to be different. We’re supposed to be dynamic in our own ways, and your gifts and talents manifested differently than other people’s.

Too often kids get into that comparison game at a very young age, and so the parents can support them by walking that talk, by not getting wrapped up in the “keeping up with the Joneses” or focusing only on physical or material attributes — and really be that change that we want to see for our children.

Affirm for those children who they really are. “You know what? You are a very evolved soul and you might not have chosen an easy path, maybe you don’t feel like you fit in, but as you step into who you really are, you will attract those to you who are in alignment with your energy and your truth.”

It just so happens that a lot of people are unaware right now, but they are coming into awareness.

Insiah Beckman

Insiah Beckman: Fortunately, it is much easier now than about 20 years ago when gifted children were frowned upon or thought to be weird or strange. People are more accepting. Many people believe in guides, angels and past lives.

Of primary importance is to ensure that children are in an environment of love and harmony. Because of their sensitive nature, parents should keep away from disruptive behavior in their presence. Everything is energy. Words and sounds affect all around you, be it animals, plants or even just the environment.

I would strongly recommend lots of hugs and words of love and support at all times. Encourage them to be in nature as often as possible, for nature carries its own soothing and expansive energy, renewing and rejuvenating the soul. Listen to the sounds of nature, observe nature with joy and wonder, breathe in, exchange and integrate that which is part of all life — and also part of you.

Chanda Parkinson: It’s not so much about spending a lot of time and energy trying to convince our culture to recognize the gifts as it is more important that the children have space in their family life to be exactly who they are without judgment or editing.

Create a safe, nurturing and protective sanctuary for those little beings at home. Consistency in their daily rhythms is so important, as is having a strong spiritual presence in at least one of the parents who are there to support them and answer any questions that come up.

Children need time to allow their minds and inner eye to grow in a healthy way, unhindered by so much information that, with our technological age, it seems more and more difficult to get away from. Restricting the influence of the information world is crucial to the spiritual development of all children, but especially children who are psychically gifted. Shut off the TV, monitor all media intake and get children connecting with nature. They need so much space to allow their full creativity to develop and their intuition to strengthen.

If only parents really knew that less information, a quiet serene disposition and a consistent and steady presence allow children’s true genius to shine. We have overloaded our senses with toys, games and places to play that are noisy and disruptive to a sense of peace and well-being. None of that is necessary. Children play just as well with dirt, rocks, sticks and what they can gather in the backyard.

What are your guides or angels telling you about these children and the role they are to play in the future of the planet?
Chanda Parkinson: Right now, structures are crumbling…these children come in with an enhanced creativity and wisdom that will allow them to rebuild what has fallen.

Insiah Beckman: These magnificent children are our future and have contracted to bring in the positive changes of love, peace and harmony to our beautiful planet. They also carry a vibration frequency of transformation with their light, love and expansive positive energy.

Your planet is going through a massive transition from The Love of Power to the Power of Love. Changes are evident everywhere. People want justice and equality, and they want to get away from being self-serving to service for all in an equitable, fair manner.

Mother Earth also is doing a lot of releasing as she transits to a higher level of consciousness to accommodate the new earth. These beautiful Children of the New Dawn are ushering in a new golden age of love, peace and harmony for all in our beautiful planet. Humanity has abused and disrespected her for several thousands of years, saturating her with all the destructive toxins, chemicals and warfare, when we were heading for self-destruction. We are now getting to a time of balance and harmony.

Sunny Dawn Johnston: They are telling me that these children are the ones that are going to break down the system that no longer works for us, to help us to expand to a vision that is of oneness instead of individualness. That might not be the right word, but you know what I mean. They’re teaching us to come together. They are teaching us to look beyond what is seen physically, to look inside instead of outside, look within instead of without. They are offering us an opportunity to heal by challenging the paradigms that we have been living and that we continue to associate ourselves with. So many people say, “You know what, I don’t like this and it doesn’t work, but I don’t know what else to do.” So they’re causing us to shift that.

I’ve walked this journey myself and with my son, and it’s challenging — and at the same time there’s so much relief and so much peace when you can get to that place.

Please share an experience you’ve had with a young person that represents what we are sharing about their abilities and gifts.
Sunny Dawn Johnston: My son is 21 now. I think he was kind of a way-shower. And like him, a lot of the kids who are coming in have challenges — physical, mental, emotional issues that most people want to medicate or have them conform in particular ways.

My son came in with a bunch of diagnoses — attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar tendencies — and the medical world wanted to medicate him because that would make him conform. I tried that, because I didn’t know any better at the beginning.

Then, I started discovering that this response was actually stifling his spirit. It was holding him back, so we started expanding and looking into alternative ways that I likely never would have done had I not had him. I had to look at alternative options in education; I pulled him out of the regular school system and put him into an alternative school system. I had to look at alternative health care, including chiropractic, biofeedback, energy healing.

Everything shifted from traditional to alternative because of my son’s energy. It came in in a way that doesn’t necessarily look like, “Oh, I’m a spiritual teacher who knows my journey.” And in the process, he learned about himself, and the experience was a ripple effect that led to teaching for my whole family, and teaching for my students and clients. Everyone has learned from this one little being.

These new children are coming into body with autism and other challenges because we need to learn from these experiences. These children are coming to parents who can support them on some level, whether we’re conscious of it or not. I was much more conscious of my second child than I was with my first, because my first broke down all those barriers and that “this is the way you do it” mode. He opened me up to a new way of seeing and thinking, and so he has been that Child of the New Dawn. He has taught so many of those things, and then in my teachings I’ve been able to share them.

We don’t always teach through phenomenal, positive experiences. Sometimes the teaching is through the challenge and through the strength that you gain within yourself and your knowingness as you walk through those challenges.

Chanda Parkinson: I remember a time recently when we were driving to a doctor’s appointment and my daughter Addi kept looking at the seat next to her and saying “Hi Martin,” over and over again. Crystal clear as a bell. Once she got all of our attention, she then said, “bye bye see you soon.” Well, Martin happens to be my deceased grandfather and he has been known to visit the grandchildren in our family. I have cousins whose children have seen him, as well. He loved kids, and it’s no wonder Addi is seeing him.

My son Jacob corrects my parenting occasionally. He will challenge me when I am making a decision that he feels is not for our highest good. He is so perceptive and highly intuitive. I did not listen in the beginning and found that if I had, we would have been in better shape because of it. He is so kind-hearted, and he defends his sister Addi when she gets into trouble. It is marvelous to watch his leadership and intuition shine forth constantly.

On your personal journey in this lifetime, why do you feel called to speak about the Children of the New Dawn?
Chanda Parkinson: I have two precious and adorable children, one an indigo and one a crystal. I have learned so much from them, but it has taken a tremendous act of discipline to slow down and pay attention to what is going on with my children. We now find ourselves tuning in to each other’s rhythms, and we now know the moment something is off with someone in our family. We are a tight psychic unit.

I am so passionate about working with families, because I have been there…in moments of total frustration confused by messages our society sends us to move faster, grow bigger, want more, more, more…knowing it was going against my very being and my intuition.

I stopped myself in my tracks. I have done two years of studying and research and have made phenomenal changes in my own family that have promoted more connection and peace. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel as if we have created a solid foundation for the spiritual and psychic development of our children. I am so passionate about the results I am experiencing and want to share it with the world!

The formula is different for every family, but there are such simple things you can do immediately to eliminate the chaos in your life and bring so much more peace and joy to everyday living. It has not been an easy path to this awareness, but I have to believe that this message will resonate with the hearts of parents, and hopefully stir them into action.

Insiah Beckman: I strongly felt that it was important for me to share some of my experiences for parents with children who are out of the norm. As a child, I always felt lost. I could not understand most of the behavioral patterns of people: hungry people, the lame, the sick, fighting, anger and a host of other human frailties. I could not resonate with what I was seeing or feeling. I would go outside at night and look at the stars and beg them to take me home. “I don’t understand what is going on, I don’t like it here!”

Fortunately for me, my mother was a beautiful soul, very loving and caring. She was religious then, and she became very spiritual in her later years. She explained to me some of my concerns to the best of her ability without the tools of all the spiritual knowledge and terms that present-day lightworkers use.

Sunny Dawn Johnston: I have personally experienced it as a transformational, life-changing, life-altering event in my life through having my son. Not only just the process of having to speak up and to hold space for him as a child who is different, but also to learn as a parent that I could not force him to be the way that I thought he was supposed to be either. I was functioning off of old paradigms, and I was also working off the belief system that you have to be a certain way. I didn’t know or understand how to do that differently until he taught me.

I think a lot of parents get stuck in the “I’m the parent, you’re the child” mentality. In my experience — and from what I’ve witnessed in a lot of my students and clients — they’re the teacher and we’re the students. That’s sometimes hard for those of us that who were raised with the “I’m the boss” attitude.

I’ve lived it and I know what it’s like to be in the not-so-healthy space with it, and then I know what it’s like to make that transition and really embrace it. It’s really so heart-opening for everyone when we can just honor who they are and why they’re really here.

What will be the key message you want to leave Expo attendees with during the Children of the New Dawn presentation?
Sunny Dawn Johnston: The words that come for me are, “It’s time for a change,” and so I want to leave them not only with knowing that, but also with steps to be able to make that change in a more loving and honoring way than maybe what people are creating now. It is time for change, and our children are the ones to bring it. We’re the supporters of it.

Chanda Parkinson: I want to leave with the message that our children are not alone. We are all moving through this intense time together. The discipline and action steps to tighten the psychic family unit are worth it. Sometimes this may mean sacrificing sometimes selfish desires in favor of creating a space that nurtures spiritual and creative growth. We are only caregivers for our children such a short time before they are out in the world expressing their potential. It is worth the sacrifices of personal interest in favor of creating a den of love, protection and constant support. That does not mean hovering as parents, but it does require a tremendous presence to hold the space for a family’s spiritual success.

It’s not about achieving perfection. It’s about striving to reach an ideal and all the magic that is experienced and created along the way. It’s the process.

For more information on the Minneapolis Edge Life Expo, visit www.edgelife.net. Advance discount tickets available online, or by contacting Gary Beckman at [email protected] or 763.427.7979.

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