Pineal Toningâ„¢ and The Lemurian Choir


“Duplicate the ritual that was done 26,000 years ago
and create a ‘pineal choir’…
The old souls who remember this ritual will be there.
Collect them from all over the planet.
It will be a celebration like no other.”
 ~ Kryon, November 2010

At the level of quantum understanding, everything in the universe is simply waves and vibrations. The production of particular tones and overtones may therefore directly tap into a deeper level of quantum reality. The deep, peaceful states produced with Tibetan chants or the mantras of meditation show the power to relax and recharge the body with sound.

In 2001, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys began the process of remembering an ancient, sacred practice of toning that activated the pineal gland and created profoundly expansive experiences. He intuitively knew the tones’ power and their intrinsic benefit and impact on life extension, enhanced well-being and increased health. They produced especially profound states of mental stillness and allowed an expansion to subtler states of awareness.

Unaware of any higher purpose for the tones, he called it The Pineal Toning Technique â„¢ and began to teach small groups how to use them for personal growth and healing. According to Kryon – an angelic entity channeled by Lee Carroll – Dr. Todd is the only Human on the planet with these multi-dimensional tones.

In 2003, Kryon identified Dr. Todd as Yawee, a high priest in the days of ancient Lemuria and the choir master who developed the pineal tones and led an ancient choir in their annual ceremonial ritual.

Finally, the bigger picture was revealed; Dr. Todd’s Pineal Toning Technique â„¢ is actually modeled after an ancient Lemurian system that used these vibratory resonances to produce a deeply peaceful and centered state of being. This allowed the activation of the pineal gland and the intrinsic ability of the body to heal and rejuvenate while opening the inner perceptual pathways to enhance intuition.

In November 2010, it became clear why the Pineal Tonesâ„¢ came with such familiarity to Dr. Todd when Kryon said, “The irony here is that this is not the first time you have sat in front of Yawee and had him give you the tones. For some of you there is a remembrance… You’ve sat at his feet before…it rings in your DNA and you know it. More than sounds…they make colors when you tone. It is actually the light you make that makes the difference. Light is quantum.”

Kryon then spoke directly to Dr. Todd saying, “I wish to take you back in time. Only thirty thousand years [ago to] Lemuria… I take you into a stadium, Yawee. It is filled with almost 800 people. Four hundred are on one side facing the four hundred on the other side. You, Yawee, are in the middle, and they are singing pairs of pineal tones, creating quantum magic.”

Since Dr. Todd’s sacred assignment was to assemble a ‘pineal choir’ of several hundred people from all over the world…to sing the tones in pairs and activate their pineal transmitters…at a specific time for a sacred purpose…he felt the urgency to begin anchoring this concept quickly.

So he named it ‘The Lemurian Choir Project’ and vowed to offer as many seminars as possible to reach as many people as he can before the final performance in 2012. Then he went back to teaching the tones just as he had been for past ten years.

But he added something very special to the program – the sacred energy of the intention of this higher purpose…and the invitation to all of the old souls that are called to be there.

Come experience this immersion in personally transformative tonal vibrations that can send intensified waves of healing throughout the entire global energetic grid system. The Lemurian Choir project is building to the ultimate re-creation of an ancient method of choiring, lost in antiquity.

On December 21, 2012 in Maui, Hawaii, we will transmit vocal harmonics through time and space, sending a message unsung for 26,000 years…we remember…and we thank you.

Dr. Todd will be presenting a Rehearsal Seminar teaching the Lemurian Pineal Tones â„¢ in Minneapolis, Nov. 5-6. See for details or call Anita at 952.221.6372.

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