The Time is Now: Mission Happiness


Most of us “get” the importance of taking care of ourselves physically. It’s also important to be aware of our mental bodies by way of our thoughts, our emotional bodies, and how we are feeling. And we can do all of this when we recharge though our spiritual self.

We exercise the way we have been told and eat the way we feel is healthy. I think that the understanding of eating organic and taking responsibility for our environment is very prominent if we are aware. Going green is a very hip today, and it has been for a while. You can pretty much walk into any grocery store and find an organic/natural section. When someone asks me if I eat and use all organic products, my answer is, “As much as possible.” I am practical, in that it is not always available. Do the best you can, with what is available for you at this time. The intention is key to creating more opportunities to make your world toxic free in all ways.

The fact of the matter is, we all have intelligence – our inner wisdom. And then there is intellect, what is learned (our mind). What is learned is helpful in ways of cooking, planning and completing the mundane tasks of life. It has its place. Knowledge and inner wisdom work together.

But remember, it’s not safe to let the mind control. You know what I’m talkin’ about. It’s when the thoughts start looping and the rampant, relentless, repetitive recordings will not shut up! Rehashing the past of coulda, woulda. Time to shut down the program, the thought patterns of learned behavior. Outdated software!

The new Earth is here, the new human is here. It’s time to take on a new mission in life. Be happy.

Connect and tune in daily to Source. Take a few moments every day, and hold a space for love. Feel solid in your heart, with the light of your Soul, and then connecting upward to Source creating a solid pillar of light that extends below your feet. This is centering, and this is the best way to tune in that I know. This is something everyone can do, anywhere, any time. You KNOW how to do this. As many of us know, when we do this consistently, the connection comes easier and more solid.

We live in a dualistic world. Collective consciousness is very powerful (group thought/mind-control). It’s time to take charge. Keep pure on all levels with the physical body, thoughts and emotions. This will bring you the energy of beauty, joy and love that is here. Now.


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