The Second Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference

The Afterlife Education Foundation recently announced that its Second Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference will take place March 9 -11, 2012, in cooperation with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA. The conference will feature workshops and presentations by a nationally-recognized consortium of researchers, educators and counselors in the field of death, bereavement and afterlife research.

The conference was organized to meet the need for a national discussion on the metaphysical aspects of death, dying and bereavement, including after-death communication, out-of-body experience, near-death experience, psychic research, hospice care, grief processing and related studies. This year’s roster of presenters includes some of leading names in the field, including Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Melvin Morse, Bill Guggenheim and PMH Atwater. The conference will also include gallery-style readings by noted psychic mediums Suzane Northrop.

“This conference is an extraordinary opportunity to look at death and bereavement in a new light,” explains Terri Daniel, president of the Afterlife Education Foundation, the non-profit educational organization that sponsors the yearly event.

“Our audience is made up of hospice workers, clergy, the bereaved and the curious,” she says. “We’ve all found, throughout our years of practice, that understanding how consciousness continues after the death of the body is a key to providing wisdom and comfort for the bereaved and overcoming the fear of death.”

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