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An excerpt from the book Wholeliness (Hay House) by Carmen Harra, available at all bookstores or online at www.hayhouse.com.

In the last six billion years or so, every planet and satellite in our system has made a certain number of rotations, all to reach a perfect alignment. And this alignment will happen on December 21, 2012. This is the phenomenon that the Mayans so precisely calculated. It is also the reason we’ve seen more and more energy in our solar system, which has caused the planets to appear brighter, lighter and warmer. In addition to affecting our solar system, this energy, because it’s so alive and intelligent, has entered our bodies. It activates our DNA and enlightens our minds, thereby spurring us to take a step forward. Yet, it escalates tensions on a large scale in the political, economic, religious and social worlds, as well.

Our perception is expanding, and we are beginning to comprehend that time is more than a three-dimensional idea now that we have an awareness of the parallel reality that exists beyond our universe. Thus, there is another element of time. Einstein established the notion of the space-time continuum, but we’ll soon discover that we can actually move through the three dimensions of time: the astral space, the dream space and the paranormal space.

Our own planet is also raising its vibration, and this will be a liberation. In its movement through the galaxy, Earth is entering a great field of vibration that will change human DNA, allowing us to have incredibly long life spans. During this time, we will finally understand the necessity of honoring life and the Divine. The moment humanity reaches unity with Spirit will be the moment we witness true reality.

The world around us will take on new meaning and new importance. We’re entering a golden age in which the cosmic cycle of darkness is definitively ending, because we’re making contact with Spirit. Because humanity will embrace wholeliness, the following predictions are based on how this will influence life on earth:

  • December 21, 2012, will not be a doomsday or the end of the world, but we are headed toward great suffering and climate changes if we don’t break out of our denial and begin to raise our consciousness. We must change the course of human history. The date of the winter solstice in the year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, has the energy of 11 (1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 =11), which, according to numerology, is the number of enlightenment. This is the official beginning of a new era in the human experience, of raised consciousness, as we evolve into beings with greater awareness and understanding of our Divine nature.
  • In connection with this, the satellites surrounding the earth will be affected during 2012, indirectly speeding up the process of change in financial institutions. Because the satellites will become temporarily unavailable, people will scramble to create alternatives to the systems that have been automatically regulated by those satellites. As we approach the end of the Mayan calendar, things will become more challenging. Both 2011 and 2012 will be years of awakening, as we start to realize just how serious our situation is. World leaders will begin to come together to imagine new economic systems and ways of dealing with climate change and natural disasters. Even further in the future, the world will have but one form of leadership governing every part of the globe.
  • In the years to come, the numerous monetary systems all over the world will be condensed into one. We’ll find new ways to be reimbursed for our labor, pay for goods, and so on. We will come to the realization that paper money needs to be replaced with a more efficient alternative — thus, we will develop electronic currency. In addition, the countless banks that exist today will converge into one single bank that spans across the globe. As always, one system must die out to give birth to a more improved one.
  • We’ll finally see that our economy and financial markets are not improving, because the issues are much deeper than we can imagine. The European economy will deteriorate first, aggravating the global economy. The rate of unemployment will increase, and, interestingly, many people will begin to work from their homes via the Internet. Acting as separate nations, we cannot hope to fix the problem. Almost every place in the world is experiencing financial collapse, meaning that we’re all in this together. Therefore, we must rectify the economy together. We’ve been looking at the matter ethnocentrically, but our approach needs to shift to a global one. Only by developing one international financial system will the economy become whole and healed. Money will no longer be the root of all evil.
  • The world may go through a state of chaos, which is necessary for progress, but this won’t last for very long. In particular, we will witness intense, natural commotions in our universe: There will be increased cosmic radiation, more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions scattered around the globe, and a spike in solar activity. The activity of Schumann resonances (electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere) will peak, making it seem as if physical time is moving faster than it really is. More and more floods will inundate various parts of the planet, and Earth’s rotation will slow down. The global temperature will fluctuate and be hard to anticipate, resulting in a decrease in the population of sea creatures and fauna. Even if we also see institutions collapsing and our leaders in trouble, be assured that these are only temporary instances of disorder brought on for the advancement of the human race.
  • I believe that human DNA will increase in complexity, thereby expanding our mental capacity and the level of our perception. We will begin to understand that we’re all connected to the Divine Force in the same way. We’ll acknowledge that all forms of life are actually a part of Spirit, under whom we are united as one. We’ll finally realize that the different religions and gods of the world that we’ve held onto throughout centuries have been far too effective in helping us create hatred, war, anger, and separation.
  • Further, the Catholic Church will continue to experience problems, especially in regards to pedophilia and its wrongful hostility toward homosexuals. Pope Benedict will be the last Pope before we see a universal unity of religions. A widespread change in the belief system of humankind is upon us — in fact, we are already starting to come together under a common belief system, and more and more people will regard death as simply a transition from the human body into a higher dimension of being. As we shift from religion to spirituality, individuals will use their abilities to harness energy for the purposes of healing, to interact with others, and to create positive changes.
  • Humanity will come together in terms of leadership. The long-ruling systems of monarchy, papacy, presidency, dictatorship and so on won’t survive. For example, Queen Elizabeth will be replaced by Prince William, and he will be the last king of the British monarchy. We’ll see more people of faith guiding the world toward coming together as one global family. As a result, we’ll accept each other the way we are, help out in ways we never have before, and love each other unconditionally. This might sound quite utopian, but the golden era that’s approaching will create a paradise, the way the earth was originally designed.
  • The global population will reach seven billion before the date of December 21, 2012. It is interesting to note that, according to United Nations estimates, the population entered the six billion mark around October 12, 1999. Now, almost exactly 12 years later, we have increased to one billion more. In terms of numerology, the number 12 represents a perfect cycle of time, so it seems that we are in accordance with the Divine calculations of the universe. The fact that the number of people in the world is reaching seven billion also foretells that we will reclaim our connection to the Divine: seven is a sacred number, the number of God, and we will soon become seven billion souls united by our mutual faith in one all-powerful Spirit. Ironically, we had to wait until this time in history to reach this level, because humanity is only now entering the golden era and able to raise its consciousness. Before this time, we were killing each other and not knowing why — it was because we were not allowed to hit this significant number seven as a population and evolve. Only now are we equipped with enough wisdom, love, and desire for unity to exist under the influence of such a Divine number. I predict that once we collectively reach the seven billion mark, we will stop killing each other.
  • Brilliant new discoveries in the medical field will be aimed at reversing the aging process, and human beings will live much longer. As a result, we’ll enjoy healthier, more fulfilling, more peaceful lives in harmony with nature and each other. We’ll no longer depend on so many drugs, and we won’t suffer physically or experience so much fear.
  • Our life spans will increase due to several different factors. Probably the most significant is that our DNA is transforming. Carbon 12, the very basis of the human body, will transmute into carbon 7. Carbon 12 currently is composed of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons, lending it the energy of 6-6-6…which the book of Revelation in the Bible renders as the “number of the beast.” Until now, due to carbon 12’s frequency in the natural world, we have been greatly influenced by this energy, which has manifested itself throughout human history in war, hatred, killing, and a tendency toward destruction.
  • Very soon, however, the components of carbon within our DNA will change into 6 protons, 1 neutron, and 6 electrons: 6-1-6, the components of carbon 7. Just as carbon 12 influenced our DNA negatively, carbon 7 will affect us in a positive manner. This change in our genetic makeup will amplify multidimensional thought and lead to higher levels of understanding. Thus, we will begin to see death as a transition to a new plane of existence, and once and for all decipher the mystery of life after death. History has referred to this interesting element in symbolic ways. The concept of Metatron’s Cube contains 13 equal circles: six circles are placed in a hexagonal pattern around one central circle, while the other six extend out along the same radial lines. Further, in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, Jesus sits at the center of the table with six disciples on one side and six on the other.
  • Also leading to longer life spans are advancements in the medical field at the level of cellular behavior. We will be able to heal illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune diseases by dealing with their source: cells that malfunction. In addition, we will identify a fine, etheric substance that binds cells to each other. This microscopic discovery will lead to a revolution in medicine as it will allow us to manipulate positively the way in which cells relate to each other and react to outside influences.
  • The feminine energy will become stronger and more powerful, bringing unity and healing to us all. We will begin to see increasing numbers of women as national leaders: the Divine feminine force will bring unity and harmony between the energies of the sexes.
  • Barack Obama will be a one-term president.
  • Future generations will be much more knowledgeable, especially in the sense that they will be connected to nature. The children of Earth will return to a dependency on, and respect for, the natural world.
  • The future of medicine lies in natural healing through wholesome foods, the mind, light therapy, balancing our energy fields, and healing at the cellular level. We will witness amazing discoveries in health care, especially in regards to reducing the need to cut into the body so often by understanding the integrity of the body as a whole. Embryonic stem cells produced through therapeutic cloning will be integrated into future therapies.
  • Humanity will travel in space and, in the distant future, we will each own our own airplane.
  • Living creatures will visit us from other galaxies, but they won’t be the frightening aliens we’ve seen in movies.
  • We’ll discover other planets and better understand the universe — specifically, how to work with it for our own benefit. However, we will do so through innovative means that aren’t destructive. A foreign planet will soon pass through our solar system, making for some very interesting encounters and supernatural occurrences.
  • We’ll identify life on other planets. We’ll also relocate to other planets when the shift of the poles takes place. After this subsides, we’ll return to Earth.
  • We’ll utilize more of the capacity of our brains and invent devices to connect to the next dimension: the realm of continuous time where souls live without bodies.
  • Telepathy, teleportation and the intuitive mind will be used as methods for connecting to each other and preventing events from happening.

As a result of these changes, life on Earth will be far more harmonious and peaceful. I know it’s difficult to envision a world like this with our present perspective, but we’re evolving our thinking and finally letting go of limitations. Look into the future and see us together. Start celebrating, and forget about the negative predictions, which are simply vestiges of an era of darkness.

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Best-selling author Carmen Harra, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, intuitive counselor, and TV personality who has been featured on an array of national shows and in publications including The View, Good Morning America, the Today show, Fox News' the Strategy Room, Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough, The New York Times, the New York Post, and many more. Harra's extensive training in couple's and cognitive therapy, combined with her uncanny intuitive abilities, have made her an internationally sought-after advisor who offers guidance to everyone from Hollywood celebrities to eminent politicians. She is also a talented musician with three CDs and has designed her own line of jewelry for QVC. Visit her at: www.CarmenHarra.com and on Facebook at Carmen Harra: Wholeliness.


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