Every Living Thing is a Being of Light


An excerpt from the new book The Code: Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday

The fact that everything in nature is energy was known long before Albert Einstein articulated it. Ancient cultures also knew that everything is sound, oscillation, and rhythm, and that our body consists of color and light. The apparently solid parts are merely a form of intensive illusion — a lucid dream. Physicists discovered some time ago that each individual cell gives off light, and that it is possible to make this light visible. Further, it changes when the condition of the cell changes.

The long-term scientific world view is both sad and meaningless, as it has done little to incorporate Einstein’s realization into the education of health professionals. Medical schools are extremely reluctant to accept that the body houses feelings, thoughts and instincts, all of which play a big role where illness is concerned. It is even rarer to hear medical professionals acknowledge that thoughts and feelings also heal, let alone see them engage in the ongoing development of such methods.

Yet, we have all experienced this firsthand. How do we feel when we are in love? We are ready to take on anything! Do you know anyone who became ill in the midst of falling in love? How do we feel when we are depressed, suffer from stress, or are desperate? What had cooled in our soul the last time we caught a cold? We know all the connections and do not need textbooks to verify them. They tell us only one thing: health is a matter of many various energies and connections.

“Strange” things happen in nature. They have all been proven scientifically and can be easily duplicated, but they cannot all be explained with modern methods:

  • When pests attack trees at the edge of a forest, the affected trees produce certain chemicals in self-defense. Not only that, but simultaneously, the trees at the other end of the forest react the same way, even though the arrival of the pest is still a few weeks away.
  • When kittens are taken too early from the mother cat, they barely learn to catch mice, if at all. They remain amateur hunters for a long time. If you put these incapable kittens into a cage at night to sleep in the same room with caged cats who are experienced hunters (so that the experienced cats cannot demonstrate their hunting skills), the young cats learn within a few days how to catch mice without ever having seen it.
  • Before a plant expert took a long trip to Europe, he wired the large leaves of his favorite houseplant (a Monstera) to numerous instruments to measure all sorts of electrical currents in the plant. While in Europe, he kept a diary in which he made note of high stress situations — when he was stuck in traffic, shortly before a big speech, a split second of fear, and so on. When he returned home after six weeks, he discovered that the measuring devices on his plant had spiked during those moments when he was under great stress in Europe.
  • A nursing mother is visiting a neighbor miles away, and her baby is peacefully sleeping at home. Suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, the mother starts lactating, and at the same time, the baby wakes up hungry. If the child awakens for another reason, the mother has a different response.

Take a few minutes to think about these examples. Ask yourself in each case how the information might have been transmitted. What is the common denominator? The answer is that we are beings of light — every living thing is. The electric processes of our body determine to the highest degree who we are, how our bodies work, and how they communicate with our immediate environments, the world, and the universe at large.

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