What is Joy but this, that I am always feeling and doing?
Is it not me that is choosing?
So it is this then that I will be doing, forever more
Would you like to walk with me and spare a moment of yours?
That I may share but a glance of what I have seen
In my Return to Forever
I have seen Peace and it looks like this
I have felt joy and you have been there
Let us remember together

I have separated out the confusion and turmoil as if it were a novel that I was reading
Yet, it is no longer reading me
I am free to sing internally
For this is the same as that blossoming rose over there…and you

This delicate balance of life hangs on the precipice like an emerging crystal
Slow, but sure to grow, and at some time break free
Take care when you carry me
I am fragile as such
And I travel from hand to hand; heart to heart, so much
All I ask is that you take care
Simply, everywhere
So that you may see the simplicity
Of the innate joy abound
And that everywhere is where it is found

And as I crumple and turn to dust
Know that this I must…do
For you
To be free of me
Let me then be a fleeting memory
So that I too may be free
That fragrance, that scent, was never meant to stay
All must flow away
How is this joy you may say?
All that are free must flow away

I have never been here, nor have you; this is simply what we do
I and you, I am you, the same hand, the same mouth, the same heart
And as we walk through this field still and empty
May it be that the wind blows us away again today.

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