An excerpt from the new book Make Love to the Universe: Himalayan Masters Share Spiritual Wisdom

A limitation is a thought that has concealed everything outside its view. Judgments are limitations that obscure the Truth. The heart isn’t capable of judgment. It can only absorb impressions, responding with a feeling. This creates a vibration in the body, which travels upward to the mind. The mind behaves like an intricate artist, interpreting the vibration by painting a canvas.

At birth, the canvas of your mind is blank. Your heart speaks without words, and life is a seamless transition from one experience to the next. Each moment after birth is an opportunity to witness the wonder of Nature. You are an actor in a play with a mysterious plot, one in which you are blessed to have been given a part. Like an artist with your experience as your canvas, your thoughts and feelings will paint lines, shapes, and colors to fill in each detail. Your expressions, in turn, become the brushstrokes for Nature’s evolving masterpiece.

If you give your mind leadership over the magical language of your heart, it will organize each experience into a thought. Thoughts that are repeated will eventually become judgments that fill your canvas. Since the brushstrokes are repeated, the artwork ceases to change. Likewise the play loses its mystery, as the actors, scenery, and even the ending remain the same.

Children are clever artists: they paint a picture one moment, and then throw the canvas away. In this way, their art never repeats the same theme. They will paint a lightning storm, and then replace it with sunshine and rainbows. Or they may fall from a tree, only to land in a pile of leaves. For when the heart is absorbed in the magic of play, the mind will approach its art as an ever-changing game.


  1. Astounding…the thought that went into this posting is truly astoundingly accurate acknowledgement of lifes coursings…
    I’m looking forward to yur next already…


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