Law of Supply and Demand

I need the expensive, big filter on my reverse osmosis water system in my kitchen. I replaced all the other filters, and in the process my handyman noticed the big filter needed replacing as well and — oops! — the O-ring broke. I put the new filter on my to-do list, but didn’t buy one yet. Consequently, the water is still being filtered, but because of the vacuum created by the missing O-ring, it dispenses slowly and only a little bit at a time.

And then, I got to thinking….

Aside from the mechanical impairment, there is a deeper interpretation of this whole water issue. Is it the supply? No, I have an unlimited supply of water from the city. Is it the demand? No, I know that when I turn the faucet on, I get water. It’s the flow! Something is broken that impedes the flow of my good to me. The good is always there, in total abundance. I ask for what I want, when I want it, and it gets delivered. However, the amount of my good flowing to me remains restricted by something that can be fixed. If only all our spiritual needs could be answered with an obvious, “This is broken. Fix this and it will work.”

The magic formula
The world breathed a sigh of relief when Einstein published his Theory of Relativity. With the seemingly simple E = MC2, we thought we got a handle on the universe. Albert discovered it, defined it, and now we can all relax, right? Great — the cosmos is now figured out, but what about you?

The 1970s saw the emerging youth free to discover who they were, experimenting with all sorts of stimuli and rebelling against societal norms. They didn’t have it figured out. They were simply trying to find answers. Personal answers.

In a way, the spiritual explosion of the 21st century operates similarly. This time, we’ve learned from the efforts of those before us, and actually seek and sometimes find answers within ourselves instead of from somewhere or someone else. And try as we might, the formula is — there is no formula! Life gives you what you ask for in the most perfect cloak of lessons and movement.

Source and Request
As humans, we’re quick to blame the supply — “There isn’t enough for me!” If that doesn’t work, we try the non-productive, plaintive blame-game, which of course, ultimately perpetuates our situation. Subconsciously, we know life is abundant and there is always enough. The supply is not the problem. Then, it dawns on us to actually ask for what we want! Aha!

Spiritual teachers guide us to be specific in what we want, or we’ll get the Soup du Jour from the Universe. We then get really good at identifying and asking the Universe for our needs and desires to be met. We make lists of what we want with tangible or esoteric qualities, waxing specific about all the details of who, what, when, where, why and how we expect our delivery. This leaves the Universe a pinhole of opportunity to dispense our good if it must meet all these conditions to please us. In other words — stop the noise!

Conversely, we’re also guided to be general in the expression of our desires and let Spirit figure it out for us. Huh? Ok, I get that I can tell the Universe I need $1,378.32 by the end of the month. Does God care about the amount? The Infinite created the Grand Canyon and Angel Falls for goodness sakes. Surely a measly amount of money is easy to manifest in comparison! What gives?

What our spiritual teachers tell us is true on both paradigms. We do need to ask for what we want, and be specific in our request, and we need our request to be fillable within the parameters of earthly possibility! While I’ve always joked I wanted a million dollars in cash to fall from the sky in my back yard. That may be possible, but not likely. What if it came to me in a different, more perfect way? Give up the reporter requirements (who, what, when, etc.) and just ask for what you want.

Basically, we want our needs and desires to be met in life. We notice the dribbles of good coming from the faucet of our supply. Our gratitude in receiving an unlimited, albeit restricted flow of what we want, identifies our satisfaction and provides us with the opportunity to more clearly define our desires. We alone define the magic formula for us. We came to the planet with a plan, a goal, and lessons to learn. No one else can determine your formula for you. What we really want is to live an abundant life filled with happiness and completion in the learning experience.

Let the Infinite provide the game board. You keep rolling the dice!



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